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For Tormod  and Rolf, the grand final represents the last hurdle in their quest for the world title. Their journey has been a testament to their exceptional capabilities


The best ones of CSWC Norway 2024

In the realm of the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC), where precision, patience, and perseverance are paramount, a duo of Norwegian slow smokers has captivated enthusiasts and competitors alike. Last year, their incredible performance defied expectations, setting a new benchmark with smoking times that exceeded three hours. What seemed like a miraculous feat is now proving to be a consistent standard, heralding a new era for the CSWC and reshaping the hierarchy among elite smokers.

Their recent performances have confirmed that last year's results were not an anomaly. By repeatedly surpassing the three-hour mark, Tormod and Rolf have set a new standard for what it means to excel in the CSWC. This consistency has significant implications for the future of the competition. It challenges other competitors to elevate their game and adapt their strategies, thereby pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of slow smoking.  - Marko Bilic, CSWC founder


Tormod Skaaraas -  absolute wonder of CSWC


Rolf Brock -  another Norwegian 3h wonder

With their technical skills, tactical knowledge, and strategic execution well-established, the Norwegian duo now faces their ultimate challenge: the grand final. The path to becoming world champions is arduous, demanding not only physical endurance and flawless technique but also immense mental fortitude. The pressure of the grand final is unparalleled, testing the resolve and concentration of even the most seasoned competitors.

For Tormod  and Rolf, the grand final represents the last hurdle in their quest for the world title. Their journey has been a testament to their exceptional capabilities, but the mental demands of the grand stage can be overwhelming. Success in the grand final hinges on their ability to remain focused, calm, and resilient under the intense scrutiny and pressure of the championship environment.


Brede Rorhus, 3rd positioned with great time of 2 hours and 15 minutes positioned himself at moment in top 20 of the season


Famous Norwefian cigar lounge - Agusto Cigars with its  main man - owner and judge Oystein Kleven overlooking competition

IMG_2208 kopi.jpg

Younge and experienced CSWC Judge force -  Andre Veiby

The possibility of Norway securing the CSWC world title is no longer a distant dream. With Tormod and Rolf leading the charge, the nation stands on the brink of a historic achievement. Their journey symbolizes not only their personal dedication and skill but also the potential for a shift in the competitive landscape of the CSWC.

In conclusion, Tormod  and Rolf have already proven their mettle by consistently achieving incredible smoking times. As they prepare for the grand final, the spotlight is on their mental strength. If they can harness their skills and maintain their composure, Norway might soon celebrate its first CSWC world champions, marking a significant milestone in the history of the championship and setting a new standard for future competitors.


Hot start of CSWC Norway 2024 with CSWC veteran and long term friend  and former Norwegian Champion  Knut Are Hole


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