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CSWC Judge Aurelio Tufano placed together one more great Time Chase race


Turin Time Chase challangers in their first experience with CSWC competition

On May 9, 2023, Turin was the site of an exciting CSWC Timechase event that was arranged by our great CSWC judge Aurelio Tufano. Participants were mostly new to this type of competition, but they were enthusiastic and had a great time. Additionally to the excitement , everyone was impressed with the magnificent location in the city center of Turin. For sure Time Chase Turin will provide great future competitors, because all of them immediately get the point of the CSWC experience

Gino, Alberto, Aurelio, Francesco, and Stjep deserved the cigar prize for the best qualifier of the 2022 season last year. They are doing an even better job in 2023. CSWC is happy and grateful to have such an outstanding panel of judges. - Marija Marovic, CSWC Head Judge


Ashes up and focus on  during Time Chase Turin


CSWC Turin was truly in Italian style - from venue to the competitors

The Time Chase competition was producing good results despite the fact that all competitors were newbies. With 1 hour and 8 minutes, young competitor Davide Bosetti finished third in his first CSWC appearance. Real time chase occurred just five minutes later for the best time of the race, as Bolognesi Alessandro gained victory over Marco Pisano with a time of 1 hour, 13 minutes, and 15 seconds, with only 15 seconds advantage over Marco. The race was so successful that an additional event is being scheduled for May 25. This time, only women will be taking part, making it a one-of-a-kind and rare event.


During CSWC Turin, ladies practiced  for their upcoming, Ladies only  - time chase race


CSWC Judge Aurelio Tufano with the best one and his better half


Sharp, competition look of Turin competitors

Timechase events are becoming increasingly popular, and the upcoming race in Turin is sure to be a memorable experience for all those who take part. It will be an opportunity to join in on the fun and excitement of this thrilling race for time. With the added challenge of only women competing, this event is sure to bring a level of excitement that is rarely seen This times women was spectators, but on 25th they will be competitors. Let's see their first results. If we consider Klaudia Ide of Poland's incredible shattering of the world record, 2023 appears to be a strong CSWC year for ladies.


Turin cigar ladies decided to hold a historical - Ladies Only - CSWC competition on May 25th.




The first-ever CSWC Slow Smoking Competition qualifier in Prishtina, Kosovo, was a momentous event held at the prestigious Cigar Club Mareva


The best ones of CSWC Prishtina, first historical CSWC in Kosovo

The first-ever CSWC Slow Smoking Competition qualifier in Prishtina, Kosovo, was a momentous event held at the prestigious Cigar Club Mareva. This event was particularly special because it took place in one of the Mareva clubs, a milestone that brought immense pride and emotion to Marko Bilic, the founder of Mareva, who attended as the main judge.

Marko Bilic was visibly emotional as he witnessed the realization of his dream to hold competitions in various Mareva clubs worldwide. He was joined by Dino Tomic, Mareva's Marketing Director, and Ferit Raat, an honorable member from Turkey. Also present were Visar Rexhepi, the founder of Mareva Prishtina, Trim Gashi, the manager of Mareva Prishtina, and Dimitry Mirchev, Mareva's regional manager. Together, this big Mareva family orchestrated an unforgettable qualification round filled with excitement and thrills.


Club Mareva founder Marko Bilic with Visar Rexhepi, the founder of Mareva Prishtina, Trim Gashi, the manager of Mareva Prishtina

WhatsApp Slika 2024-06-21 u 10.26.54_167b27e1.jpg

First CSWC Rocky Patel Competition cigar to be picked up for slow smoking race

The competition concluded with Nikola Popovski from North Macedonia taking first place, showcasing his exceptional skills and experience. The second and third places were also hotly contested, with the competitors demonstrating remarkable proficiency and dedication to the craft of slow smoking. Outstanding 2nd place belongs to Dren Kllokoqi and 3rd place went in hands of great  Gentuar Deliu

Following the competition, a vibrant party ensued, celebrating the success of the event and the grand opening of Club Mareva's new top location on the most popular street in Prishtina. The atmosphere was filled with camaraderie and joy as attendees reveled in the success of this historic occasion.


Dren Kllokoqi , second positioned in slow smoking action

WhatsApp Slika 2024-06-20 u 22.29.31_4b2c45bf.jpg

Rocky Patel prizes ready to be given to the best ones


CSWC party continued late in the night

This inaugural event in Prishtina not only highlighted the talent and passion of the competitors but also marked a significant milestone for the Mareva family, bringing together members and enthusiasts from around the globe in a shared love for the art of slow smoking.


Club Mareva Kosovo team - wonderful people, on proud and honor of Club Mareva International


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