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The star of the night was John Intzirtzis, a young competitor who exemplified the spirit of competition and fair play

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CSWC GREECE  2024  Competitors

Despite the unprecedented situation of the suspension of two Greek competitors, the CSWC Greece Championship 2024 gave us plenty of reasons to celebrate. With honor and great competitive spirit, the Greek winners emerged victorious, showcasing their dedication and skill in the Cigar Slow Smoking World Championship.

Organized by SOTL Greece for the third time, the qualifiers for the CSWC took place on Wednesday, June 5th, at 8:00 PM. The splendid Blends Mix & Match in Glyfada provided an exclusive and elegant venue on its first floor for this exciting event.

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John  Intzirtzis Champion of Greece 2024

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Petros Katzos vice champion of the Greece 2024

The championship featured 22 participants and a multitude of friends and enthusiasts who, even if not competing, reveled in the atmosphere at Blends. They savored the exquisite menu and enjoyed a night filled with excitement and entertainment. This beautiful occasion demonstrated that the CSWC is not just an event for competitors but also a social and entertaining gathering for spectators. It’s a trend that highlights the evolving nature of CSWC events, making them more inclusive and engaging.

The star of the night was John Intzirtzis, a young competitor who exemplified the spirit of competition and fair play. He claimed the top spot with his outstanding performance. Close behind him was Petros Katzos, who secured the second position. The competition for the third place was fierce, with John Plafoutzis finishing just 30 seconds behind Katzos, earning the third position. It was great to see and first ever Greek Champion - Pavlos Pavlidis. 

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CSWC Prizes ready to be given to the best ones

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CSWC Judge in action


Beautiful venue Blends Mix & Match in Glyfada, host place of CSWC Greece

The CSWC Greece Championship 2024 was a testament to the thriving cigar community in Greece. It brought together competitors and spectators alike, creating an unforgettable evening of camaraderie and celebration. Congratulations to all the winners, and here's to more memorable CSWC events in the future!

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CSWC organisers Greece with Greek Champion, Pavlos Pavlidis and other competitors

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CSWC race Greece 2024, competitors in first puffs of the competition

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