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Thomas Geißler is bringing CSWC Germany to the centre of Germany -Elsenach


One of many amazing attractions in Eisenach

Thomas Geißler is bringing CSWC Germany to the centre of Germany. Düsseldorf, Cologne and Munich have so far been the delivery locations for CSWC Germany. Now Thomas Geißler, cigar sommelier and international judge with years of experience, is bringing the competition to the centre of Germany, to Eisenach. Not far from Eisenach, in Treffurt, cigars are still produced today. Eisenach itself is a real city of culture; Johann Sebastian Bach was born here and here is the first Bach Museum, which is also one of the largest music museums in Germany. Marin Luther was here for a long time, and everyone should know the Wartburg castle above the city. BMW used to be EMW and originally comes from Eisenach, as do the Dixi and the Wartburg castle. All of this can be admired here in a large museum. There is also the southern quarter, which is one of the largest connected villa districts in Germany. The competition will take place in the Gentleman's Club in Eisenach. The good transport connections make it possible to get here quickly from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Berlin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, but also Hamburg, Bremen, Lower Saxony, Hesse, Franconia, the Czech Republic, Poland and of course Thuringia. The planning for the CSWC 2024 has already been completed.

Thomas Geißler CSWC judge with judging experience in Germany, France,

Dominican Republic

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