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In a move indicative of adaptability and resilience, CSWC Denmark has been granted approval to proceed with its pre-season qualifier

Cigar championship 2023 (1194 of 1817).jpg

Jesper Peterse, CSWC organiser for Denmark and Nich Shwanel Champion of Denmark 2023

In a move indicative of adaptability and resilience, CSWC Denmark has been granted approval to proceed with its pre-season qualifier, despite the unique circumstances currently prevailing. Mr. Jesper Peterson, esteemed organizer of CSWC Denmark, is set to orchestrate the traditional opening qualifier of the season, reaffirming Denmark's prominent status in the world of slow smoking competitions.

This year's event promises a fair and competitive slow smoking race, with seasoned judges Bo Brandt and Frederik Kudahl at the helm. Bo Brandt, reflecting on his journey, shared, "Over the years, I have strived to earn an invitation to the finals in Split. As a member of the CSWC Judges Association, I am honored to be judging for the third time, anticipating the distinguished setting of the Danish CSWC qualifications at the banquet hall of the Order of Serapion in Copenhagen."

Cigar championship 2023 (933 of 1817).jpg

Nick Shawnel entering Grand Final arena


Jesper Petersen with Benjamin Patock from Boveda during on of CSWC qualifiers in Denmark

Nick Shawnel, last year's champion who successfully defended his title twice, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming competition. "I am thrilled to return to the CSWC in Copenhagen this year," Nick remarked, exuding confidence in his skills and eager anticipation for the challenge ahead.

Jesper Peterson, reflecting on the evolution of the Danish competition, remarked, "Now hosting for the fourth time, I believe we have refined the format to perfection. It remains a full-day event, complemented by a VIP evening preceding the competition, ensuring participants enjoy a comprehensive weekend experience. The standards for both days, encompassing food, cigars, and spirit tastings, are set high."

He continued, "As the host, my focus remains on ensuring guests' satisfaction throughout the event. However, with seventeen years of experience in organizing cigar events, I now have the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the festivities and savor the day's proceedings. I eagerly anticipate another year of hosting the event and, hopefully, relishing the Final in Split."


Bo Brandt, CSWC Judge Denmark  (in middle) as main judge on CSWC qualifier 2022 in Denmark with Champion of Denmark Michael Iversen

As Denmark prepares to host another remarkable CSWC pre-season qualifier, the anticipation among participants and spectators alike is palpable. With a blend of seasoned champions and newcomers poised to test their mettle, the stage is set for a memorable and fiercely contested competition, showcasing the finest in slow smoking prowess.


Michael Iversen, one of the best Danish slow smoker, multiple times champion of Denmark

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