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CSWC Expands to Reunion Island: Jerome and Abrina Monetti of Corita Cigars Bring Excitement to the Island's Cigar Community

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Stunning landscapes of Reunion Island

In a move that promises to ignite the passion of cigar aficionados across Reunion Island and beyond, Jerome and Sabrina Monetti, esteemed owners of Corita Cigars, are set to introduce the prestigious Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) experience to this vibrant and active community. This expansion marks a significant milestone in the island's cigar culture, enhancing its global visibility and solidifying its place in the international cigar community.

"I am thrilled and so honored to see CSWC represented in such a beautiful corner of the world, championed by remarkable individuals like Jerome and Sabrina.". - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Jerome and Sabrina Monetti, owners of Corita cigars and CSWC organisers


Great Corita cigars with Le Petit cigar knifes

The decision to introduce CSWC to Reunion Island reflects the Monettis' unwavering dedication to fostering community and camaraderie among cigar enthusiasts. By bringing this esteemed event to the island, they aim to provide a platform for aficionados to come together, share their love for cigars, and celebrate the art of slow smoking in a spirited yet competitive environment.


Jerome and Sabrina during interatbac fair with Marko Bilic and Pablo Rodet from les Fines Lames

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Reunion Island is beautiful spot in Indian Ocean


Jerome in his cigar lounge where he and sabrina are ding many cigar activities

In conclusion, the arrival of CSWC to Reunion Island represents a momentous occasion for the island's cigar community and the broader world of cigars. Thanks to the vision and dedication of Jerome and Abrina Monetti, in collaboration with Corita Cigars, this vibrant community now has the opportunity to showcase its passion for cigars on a global scale. As the island prepares to welcome enthusiasts from far and wide, it is poised to become a beacon of cigar culture, uniting aficionados in the spirit of camaraderie, competition, and celebration.


Corita cigars were well presented with their own booth during Intertabac 2023

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