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As we look ahead to the 2024 CSWC season, expectations are high for the Rocky Patel Competition Cigar

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Beautifully lined up CSWC Rocky Patel Competition cigars, waiting to perform in the  slowest race on the planet

The cigar slow smoking world is abuzz with anticipation as the 2024 CSWC (Cigar Smoking World Championship) season approaches. Among the contenders vying for the title, the Rocky Patel Competition Cigar stands out as a important factor, especially after its remarkable performance in the previous season.

In 2023, Claudia Ide from Poland made headlines by setting a new world record with the Rocky Patel CSWC cigar. This achievement not only solidified the cigar's reputation but also highlighted its exceptional quality and performance. Surpassing the previous record set by Igor Kovacic with the Macanudo Inspirado competition cigar, Ide's feat showcased the greatness of the Rocky Patel blend in the competitive arena.

New World record, Huge World Champion winning time, aging of CSWC Rocky Patel cigar -  it all shows that maybe, but just maybe is possible for Rocky Patel to be first ever cigar maker to make that construction miracle which will brake golden line of 4 hours with mareva size cigar  - let's see!!! - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Igor Kovacic from Sweden, the previous world record holder on Macanudo cigar, showing his trophy watches that he won in many slow smoking raceses


Klaudia Ide - World Record holder in her famous pose during slow racing and pushing maximum from C SWC Rocky Patel competition cigar

What sets the Rocky Patel Competition Cigar apart is not just its flavor profile or construction but its ability to excel under pressure. The CSWC is not just about smoking a cigar; it's about endurance, precision, and skill. The fact that Ide's world record time was slightly better (but on the big 3 hours and 53 minutes every second is like 10 minutes) than the previous record demonstrates the cigar's capacity to enhance the smoker's experience and performance.

Moreover, the aging potential of the Rocky Patel Competition Cigar adds another dimension to its allure. Hauke Walter's impressive victory in the Grand Final of the 2023 season, with a smoking time exceeding three hours, underscored the benefits of allowing this cigar to mature. As it ages, the flavors deepen, the complexity increases, and the overall smoking experience becomes richer. This phenomenon bodes well for competitors looking to leverage the cigar's evolving profile to gain a competitive edge in the upcoming season.

As we look ahead to the 2024 CSWC season, expectations are high for the Rocky Patel Competition Cigar. Will it continue to dominate the competition circuit, or will new challengers emerge to dethrone its reign? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: aficionados and competitors alike will be eagerly awaiting the performance of this exceptional cigar.

Cigar championship 2023 (1056 of 1817).jpg

Hauke Walter (left) World Champion 2023 with Etan Patel, UK Champion in close fight during Grand Final 2023. Both of them are closely monitored by CSWC competition cigar creator himself - Rocky Patel, with Marko Bilic CSWC founder

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