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By joining forces, they aim to elevate the cigar experience to new heights and foster a deeper sense of community within the industry

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 Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) has announced a  official partnership with Intertabac, the largest international cigar fair in the world. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, highlighting the recognition of CSWC's unparalleled influence and reach within the global cigar community.

The CSWC has long been revered as a beacon of excellence in the cigar world, known for its unique approach to celebrating the art and culture of cigar smoking. Founded in 2010, the championship has since evolved into a global phenomenon, attracting cigar enthusiasts, aficionados, and industry professionals from every corner of the globe.

Intertabac, on the other hand, stands as a titan in the cigar industry, serving as a pivotal platform for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to showcase their latest offerings and innovations. With its expansive reach and unwavering commitment to excellence, Intertabac has established itself as the premier destination for all things cigar-related.

t was a dream of mine early on to set up such an event. The CSWC is more than a competition in slow cigar smoking. Rather, it is an event where like-minded people share their passion for the cigar lifestyle and cigar lovers from all over the world come together for a good time. This is a perfect fit for InterTabac and InterSupply as well, as a large number of cigar enthusiasts are on hand to enjoy fellowship with others in addition to exchanging ideas on potential business deals. Thus, the twin shows are the perfect partner and the ideal stage for our exhibition space.”- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Intertabac - the biggest Global Cigar Fair


CSWC - biggest Global Cigar Competition

The decision to forge a partnership between CSWC and Intertabac underscores the shared values and vision of both entities. By joining forces, they aim to elevate the cigar experience to new heights and foster a deeper sense of community within the industry.

One of the key drivers behind this partnership is the mutual recognition of each other's significance within the cigar world. CSWC's unparalleled expertise in organizing cigar events and its dedication to promoting the art of slow smoking perfectly complements Intertabac's mission to provide a platform for industry professionals to connect and collaborate.

By uniting their expertise, resources, and passion for cigars, these two powerhouse organizations are poised with join forces to make big impact on the  future of cigar smoking and cement their place as leaders in the global cigar community and industry

“We are delighted to have secured the Cigar Smoking World
Championship as a partner to our shows. The collaboration underlines once again the great international reputation enjoyed by InterTabac and InterSupply. And of course, the enthusiasm of Marko Bilić and his CSWC team for the enjoyment of cigars in good company and their commitment to bringing people together also align perfectly with our new show slogan ;Together for tomorrow.”- Sabine Loos, chief show organiser and Managing Director of Westfalenhallen 

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