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With a great winning time, Peter positioned Slovakia on TOP 20 list of the season.


Roberto Resmer -official Judge for Slovakia did amazing job on the first and historical CSWC Slovakia.

If there were a special cigar location in Europe or maybe the world, it would be the Cuba Libre cigar bar in Žilina. For the last two years, Roberto Resmer, the charming and charismatic proprietor, has been in contact with CSWC headquarters about bringing the thrill of CSWC to Slovakia. That time finally arrived after two years of COVID limitations. 

Mr. Roberto Resmer and I met three years ago at the Polish CSWC in Warsaw. Some individuals you like from the start. That was my impression of Roberto. Great Gentleman, elegant, carismatic, and extremely sympatic - it was clear to me why his Cuba Libre cigar lounge is so well-known. You have to like the place if the owner is like that. So having a CSWC historical event there is a tremendous honor and delight for me.  - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Slow smoking action in full exposure - puff, smoke and focus


Silhouette of cigar lady while she is taking slow smoking puff

That was a fantastic evening. The magnificent cigar lounge's beautiful ambience was practically ideal for photo art, as seen by the images in this article. It was more than just a game. It was a slow smoking journey with excitement, but it was also a great delight of all senses offered by Cuba Libre cigar bar. Roberto was up to the challenge, not only delivering wonderful hospitality but also organization and sharp judging. 


Cuervo y Sobrinos exclusive write instrument for the winner


Slow smoking with using light helps a lot


Beauty and cigar

However, as the smoking race neared its conclusion, excitement began to grow, and the desire to win grew stronger. The Cuervo y Sobrinos premium writing tool with travel humidor, Les Fines Lames Le Petit CSWC limited edition knife, Boveda brick, and Rocky Patel prizes provided more than enough incentive to reach the top. This resulted in a tight duel, but Peter Novysedlák prevailed and won the race in 01:33:15. (no penalty). Martin Ulin took second place with a time of 01:26:50 (no penalty) and Eduard Myslovič took third place with a time of 01:19:25 (no penalty) (penalty 1 minute). This historic CSWC tournament was founded on the talent of Slovakian smokers, who have already placed Slovakia in the top 20 list of the season's finest smokers. Exceptional work. 


Roberto Resmer with Champion of Slovakia - Peter Novysedlák

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