Let us examine how Rp CSWC competition cigar managed pressure after the live season of the CSWC 2021.


Ukrainian competitor with perfect constructed competition cigar

Competition cigar is a huge and important part of the journey to a good result. Even so, competition cigars are truly unique, and we can easily refer to them as limited edition cigars, or even better, special edition cigars, because rollers of the competition cigar put in extra effort and focus to make these cigars as perfect as possible. Season 2021 demonstrated this to us. Of course, as with any handcrafted product, there is always the possibility of a "difficult" one.

We made these cigars with special care, not only from a construction or burning standpoint, which is critical for competition, but we also created this cigar to be a super tasty cigar in what we succeeded. Excellent ratings and reviews attested to this.- Rocky Patel, founder of Rocky Patel cigars


Big construction problems on this cswc cigar


Keeping the eye on cigar all time is important

During competition, there are numerous problems or "wrong" ways of burning that can occur. When this happens, cigar is usually to blame, but not always. There is always a human factor, or more accurately, a competitor's wrong way of smoking, that can contribute to these issues. Without a doubt, there is one more factor that can have a significant impact on these challenges: competition cigar conditions and methods of preservation. To avoid this, CSWC formed a strong alliance with Boveda. That collaboration proved to be a great step forward because burning issues were quickly alleviated after using Boveda with competition cigars.


Great construction under the angle which can bring risk of falling of ash


Nice, perfect ash with razor sharp burning


Problematic uneven burning on the start

Rocky Patel, a current CSWC partner who is in charge of producing competition cigars for the CSWC organization, did an excellent job in season 2021. Most of cigars in 43 tournaments performed perfectly in construction and burning properties. When the RP CSWC cigar was introduced in 2019 and some of the first competitions were held in early 2020, before the season was canceled due to COVID, the results were not immediately so high. Of course, cigars were still "fresh," which was one of the reasons. When the live season returned in 2021, the RP CSWC cigar was already mature and in good balance for competition. However, the season 2021 results revealed average smoking times that were not as impressive as they were with Macanudo, the previous official competition cigar. The average smoking time was shorter than with Macanudo, and only one competitor managed to smoke for more than 3 hours during the season, which result is still far short of the official World Record made by Macanudo. The times on the grand final were also not so big, but there is another fact - RP CSWC cigars are unquestionably more difficult and challenging to smoke. It is much more difficult to keep it alive, and more concentration is required. It necessitates complete focus and dedication from the competitor. Also, because this competition cigar is more powerful, the burning properties require more control and air to maintain burning.Given that this is the first season and that competitors are honing their smoking skills and tactism on this cigar, we can expect bigger results and even a new World Record to be set in the future.


Choosing of the competition cigar as important part of the competition