On our previous article about the CSWC competition cigar, we featured some interesting comments from some of the famous CSWC competitors.


Alexander Shagai, during CSWC competition in Russia 2019

Last week, the CSWC NEWS portal published an article about Rocky Patel's CSWC Competition cigar. In that article, it was clear that RP CSWC cigar did a good job and development within the framework of technical properties and for the purpose of the CSWC competition from the 2020 when it was introduced. Of course, as a new competition cigar, it presents a new challenge for experienced competitors, necessitating new training and tactical adjustments in order to achieve peak performance. After live season 2021, defenetly there was much more experience with new CSWC cigars and it was interesting to read reactions of some of the most famous CSWC competitors on the post of the article. Some of them we are bringing to you:

The CSWC Rocky Patel competition cigar is undoubtedly a massive and novel challenge for the competitors. After two years of experience, it is clear that average smoking times are lower overall, and that new cigars are more likely to go off if you are not fully focused and trained on them. On the other hand, the construction is of a remarkably good quality, with a beautiful and razor sharp burning line and great ash. But, I think with more training and experience, competitors will manage to discover and use full potential of this cigar. The CSWC competition cigar is without a doubt the strongest cigar we have ever used in CSWC history. - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Andrey Bobrov from Moscow had good start in Moscow


Andrey's post photos of his problems development later on

Andrey Bobrov of Moscow shared photos of his difficult competition cigar construction. Dmitry Drutza, a Russian CSWC judge, mentioned how Sergey Galevsky from St. Petersburg, one of the best world smokers, had construction issues as well, but he still managed to make miricle and win competition. However, Alexander Shagai, a two-time World Champion who did not have a good season in 2021, provided the most detailed overview on the subject. Here are his thoughts:

I will add a few observations from myself.
The cigar introduced in 2019 and used in 2020 in the "Be Strong" tournament was, albeit fresh, but relatively stable, although it was quite difficult to smoke. This has been noticed by many, and I have heard several complaints about these difficulties.
Meanwhile, smoking on a cigar in 2021 raises much more questions. The competition on this cigar is more like a lottery. I can admit that I got cigars from a bad batch, but perhaps the point is that in one batch there are both excellent cigars and absolutely defective ones.
Further, my personal statistics.
In preparation for the qualifying 2021 tournament in Russia, I smoked three cigars from this batch, of which one turned out to be quite decent and I showed the training time working for the first cigar in the season on it, the second literally burned out in about half my average training time. and the third had no thrust at all !!! By saying that there was no craving at all, I mean that I could not only train on it, but even just smoke!
The same thing happened in preparation for the tournament of the 2022 season, held as part of the birthday of the Horse Power cigar club in St. Petersburg. Again, one of the two cigars lacked cravings.
The same thing happened in the tournament, at least two participants replaced cigars. In my case, the cigar burned only on one side, and not only the wrapper leaf but also the binder had peeled off from the back, as if a piece of it had been attached to the side of the cigar and then simply wrapped in a wrapper.
Above the quality, and also the stability of this cigar, still needs to be worked out. - Alexander Shagai, CSWC World Champion 2013, 2017


Shagai, successful in online ZOOM season, but far from that success in live season 2021


Sergey Galevsky, manage to win in Russia after technical difficulties


Swedish Champion Mikael Zander, who defend quality of RP competition cigar

On the other hand, there was a comment from Swedish Champion Mikael Zander, who had difficulties in the Grand Final but defended the CSWC Competition rocky Patel cigar:

I think it is bit unfare just to show bad burning cigars. There has been several hundreds or even thousands of great burning Rocky Patel cigars to. And a minor uneven burn is usually quite simple to correct before it becomes a major issue. - Mikael Zander, Swedish Champion 2021


Most of the CSWC Rocky Patel competition cigars were providing great perfomance

Igor Kovacic "Swedish Tiger," the World Record holder, believes that the CSWC Rocky Patel cigar is more difficult and unpredictable, but he also believes that if competitors establish control of this cigar on a high level, a new world record with this cigar is more than conceivable. So, let's see who is correct in season 2022.