Great products of CSWC partners as ideal gifts for this special time of the year


Box of the CSWC Line of cigars  dressed up in orange color, with Orange CSWC Les Fines lames cigar knife will be perfect gift

It's that time of year again - Christmas and New Year's Eve are approaching, and one of the most difficult decisions to make is what to give as a gift to those we want to surprise and enjoy the joys of giving at this particular time of year. For many people, this can be a difficult chore, and they may become frustrated of wasting time in numerous stores trying to come up with the perfect gift idea. If the person you want to make happy with a gift is a cigar enthusiast, you are in luck; cigar enthusiasts are the easiest to shop for.

Oh, we are so fortunate to have such wonderful official partners; it is so easy to choose a gift for anyone with them, but it is still difficult to resist picking something for ourselves during the process. We feel like we're in a candy store when we're surrounded by their products.- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Cuervo y Sobrinos new series Historadior Asturias watches


Les Fines lames cigar punch bracelet

As previously stated, cigar enthusiasts are the easiest to satisfy with a present - a cigar or anything related to cigars will bring a wide and genuine smile to the face of a cigar enthusiast, resulting in actual happiness. Each of the CSWC partners has come up with some extra ordanary products this year, which could be the ideal gift for someone you want to make happy during these special times. So, let's get started -Our primary partner Rocky Patel has a vast assortment of fantastic possible presents, but our recommendation is the CSWC line of cigars box, or the new one exclusively produced by Rocky. The Rocky Patel 60th Anniversary just placed second on cigar Journal's ranking of the top 25 best cigars of the year. 

Cuervo y Sobrinos, our official timekeeper, has just introduced a new magnificent series of timepieces called Historiador Asturias. This model, which is linked to Cuba and comes in a variety of colors, will be an excellent choice for an everlasting present that will be passed down through generations and will preserve memories and time.


Cigar Journal yearly subscription as perfect gift


Boveda humidor  -  unique and eye catchy


Vareity of choice for everyone's taste from LFL

From the variety of the Le Petit cigar knives, which come in gorgeous colors and materials with the option of customizing with engraving, to the trendy Cigar Puncher, which comes as a superb gentlemen fashion item - bracelet - we have so much choice from our official cigar cutter Les Fines Lames.

Boveda, the official CSWC humidification system, has a variety of gift items that are now considered must-haves for keeping your cigars in great condition, but one in particular caught our eye: a modern and transparent acrylic Boveda humidor. This humidor, which comes in a variety of styles, will be the ideal home for your cigars as well as a visual treat.

Cigar Journal, an official CSWC Media partner, is offering a great all-year gift - a yearly subscription, which will remind the person who received this gift of you throughout the year, whether she/he is reading the latest news and great cigar articles on a warm sofa in the winter or sipping a cocktail on a sunbad in the summer.

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Mumm's Champagne new magnum bottles - for special moments

And, of course, there is one thing that is a must-have, or better yet, must-use and enjoy for these celebratory moments: excellent Champagne. Pernod Ricard's delicious Mumm's Champagne, now available in new magnum bottles, is perfect for those special occasions.


Finally, if you want to experience Croatia via the senses of taste and smell at this unique time of year, go to the Revealed Croatia website and get some of the best Croatian wines, olive oils, truffels, or anything else that Croatia has to offer. But don't forget that, after all of the festivities, the best way to unwind is to sit in your armchair and relax by doing all of the things we stated above... Cheers.


Rocky's 60th anniversary as unique and perfect gift

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