Italian slow smokers tested TIME CHASE concept, to be ready for good results in 2022


Beautiful  ash, top construction and full focus as combination for the good smoking time

Slow smokers from Italy were among the most active in the 2022 season, and they produced good results for the first time. The Italian qualifications consisted of four prequalification tournaments and a final event. They covered all of Italy with prequalification events, and some of the new names arrived on the spot. Without a doubt, this country will produce future famous names since it is simple to feel that beautiful Italian competition spirit, which truly enriches any sport in which Italian competitors compete.

More then half of the season 2021 Italian smokers were keeping 4 -5 positions on the TOP 20 list of the season. That is proof that Italian slow smokers are warming up for great results and better 2022 season, I am so sure in that - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Anna Gargiulo as representative of strong Italian women cigar community


Cosy atmosphere of Italian bar as perfect location for the first probe of Time Chase concept

CSWC Ambassador Gino Rossano Lannillo was on the scene and was sharing emotions from the spot -  the first ever probe of the Time Chase event was a lot of fun and a huge success, and it was applauded by all competitors. He expressed his belief that the Time Chase concept is a game changer and a great step forward in providing even more excitement and involvement around the fight to reach the grand final challenge.


Florindo Lauriello, last year second positioned slow smoker of italy, in the action


Italian organizers prepared some prizes for the first one who will brake 2 hours


There would be no official CSWC tournament in Italy unless there was a gourmand after-party.

Francesco Ventura, a CSWC official judge, was monitoring a Time Chase challenge among a dozen competitors. As was the case last season in Italy, the warm-up began with a lady cigar force - Anna Gargiulo. She performed admirably once more, sending a message that we should expect a strong women representation in the CSWC season 2022. Of course, the Time Chase gathering concluded with wonderful gastronomy and great Italian wine, as Italian tradition prescribes. It looks that Time Chase concept will be desirable add in the qualification season.


Great and creative poster of the event created by CSWC Judge - francesco Ventura