The performance of the CSWC Judges at the Grand Finale has received significant appreciation.


Sarah Saunders, CSWC Judge from UK in high Judge focus during final fight

This is the first time that the CSWC International Judge Association has taken complete responsibility for the Grand Final's judging since its inception. That is also something that will go recorded in the CSWC's history, and it is something that, combined with the fact that only national champions and the top 20 best smokers were allowed to compete, defined CSWC 2021 as a game-changing year.

I am thrilled to be one of the judges who took huge  responsibility to the highest level of judging in slow smoking - the Grand Final. Grand Final requires you to have the same level of focus as the competitors and to be unafraid to make any choice you believe is fair, regardless of whether the competitor is a friend or someone you know well. Being a CSWC Judge is the ultimate honor, yet it necessitates the most self-discipline. Pierre Gustavsson, CSWC Judge Sweden


Judge Pierre Gustavsson performed on the top level


Marija Marovic CSWC Head Judge

Of course, Grand Final as the competition of the all competitions required to be controled by the leading personalities of the Judge association - Maija Marovic, Head Judge and Natasa Kresevic Deputy Head Judge. They were ready and sharp for Grand Final with their team of the International Judges: Sarah Saunders - UK, Pierre Gustavsoon -  Sweden, Vlada Stojanov - USA. First time also happaned that one judge was seating on the competition table and two of them was circulate around tables to cover all potential "blind" spots from all corners. That role was taken by Pierre Gusstavson and Marija Marovic


Sharp Eye of the Deputy Head Judge Natasa Kresevic


Vlada Stojanov, CSWC Judge from USA


Judge communication during final.

Vlada Stojanov was in charge of table number one, where Henrik Kristensson, the current World Champion, and some of the favorites, such as Hauke Walter, were seated. Table number two was covered by Sarah Saunders, who was joined by favored smokers Mikael Zander and Anastasia Arsenova. Deputy Head Judge Natasa Kresevic was in charge of the Third Table, which included all new players. Because of this, that table required an experienced judge to ensure that the newly crowned champions did not make any blunders. The competition itself began well, and a new rule requiring judges to sit at the same table as competitors added to the participants' nervousness. Judges were also exerting complete control at all times in this manner.


Sarah Saunders showing competition ring to Marija for burning inspection

This also brought something new to the Grand Finals, something that had never happened before - a Yellow Card or first official warning!! With judges seated at tables and circulating judges, it was practically impossible to get through something that was not in accordance with the rules. Because the Slovakian Champion touched the cigar's flaming line after 34 minutes of smoking, he received a yellow card. Vlada Stojanov was the one who said it. In the 47th minute of smoking, HaukeWalter receives the same warning. Judge Pierre Gustavsson, who spotted that from the back of the Hauke's shoulder, handed this yellow card. This yellow card had a significant influence on Hauke, putting him in a difficult position to maintain focus, which resulted in an early game conclusion for the former World Champion. Overall, the judges were pleased with the contestants; no disqualifications were issued, and they believe the Grand Final 2021 was conducted in a fair manner. CSWC Judges were undoubtedly at the Grand Final level, and they performed admirably.


Sarah in Judge action.


Vlada Stojanov, charming but sharp judge.