Like in many other sports, CSWC competitors also can face unwanted technical issues.


Mikael Zander on the very start of the Grand Final competition

CSWC is a sort of competition/sport in which technical issues might arise and have a significant impact on the competitor's final smoking time. It does not imply that technical difficulties necessitate putting down the cigar and, in turn, putting a contestant out of the game, but it can certainly have a significant impact on her/his smoking time.

We've seen numerous instances when technological issues have caused significant problems for competitors. If you get caught with such troubles in the Grand Final, you will almost certainly not reach the top of the world and win the title of best. - Marija Marovic, CSWC Head Judge


Mikeal Zander just after choosing his competition cigar


Example of perfect construction competition cigar

The unlucky one in this Grand Final was Swedish Champion Mikael Zander. After a thorough visual evaluation of the cigars, participants are allowed to pick one up and gently inspect it with their hands. On the grand final, there are always three times as many cigars to pick from as there are competitors, giving competitors a wide range of options to choose from. Due to respect for the other contestants, they are not permitted to squeeze, press and check each cigar with their hands. So Mikel took a time for that part and he choose one. But sometimes visual and physically inspection is not guarantee. Few contestants decided to change their cigars since they were unhappy with their original decision, particularly Hauke Walter, a German competitor who changed his cigar twice. After all competitors received green lights for choosing cigars, the clocks began and the slowest race started. It was clear from the start that Mikael was having major technical issues with his cigar, which was continually canoeing.


Italian Champion with perfect start


Razor sharp burning line - perfect


UK competitor in action to keep proper burning

This is a really difficult situation, and he knew he'd have to find a method to get out of it at some point. However, in that scenario, he will lose a lot of time because more puffs and burning power are required. In the end, he was able to mend the cigar, but it took him a long time, and he finished in ninth position. With such a cigar, it was a big success, because normally, such a challenging cigar would eliminate competitors within the first hour. However, because a cigar is a handcrafted product, the prospect of risk adds to the thrill, but it also puts competitors in the firing line, forcing them to use all of their skills and knowledge to stay in the game and try to achieve the greatest position possible with such a cigar. We've seen some extreme cases where famous legends have won competitions despite having such issues. That's incredible.


Mikael Zander with cigar with huge technical problems -  trying to keep it alive.