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New official Judge shirts are  designed

New design of the CSWC Judge shirts are now ready for production

official judge shirt.jpg

CSWC Judges association will clothe all its judges uniformed. That was the decision of the Judge headboard, to make judges more professional and more on the level of the competition. Shirts will be in production soon and they will be delivered to all judges before season 2021 starts. CSWC main Head Judge Marija Marovic welcome such a decision:

Almost all world sports and competitions which include judges have uniforms. How CSWC became truly global, and a serious challenge we want to take that step forward. Me, who lived almost all my life as a professional sportsperson, understand very well the importance of these small details which means a lot -Marija Marovic, CSWC Head Judge

Shirts will be ordered from a French fashion company and they will be finished with branding in Croatia. All official partners will have their logo presented on the Judge shirt, but also a clear sign "JUDGE" will be there to exactly mark the person who is the official CSWC Judge. 


CSWC organization team has some future ideas on the matter of uniforms, and as they said there are many open possibilities in the field of the CSWC for this kind of creativity. What kind of ideas they have, we could find out soon.

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