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Red and Yellow card system in CSWC

New warning system that CSWC judges will be able to use.


Judge in difficult judging action during the CSWC Bangkok, Thailand

CSWC as a competition finds itself in a difficult situation regarding the warning system. As the competition became more and more serious, and competitors were more demanding in the fair play segment, CSWC was in front of a decision to find a proper way to keep balance between entertainment and seriousness of the game. 

Warning system that Football has is just the perfect system that we can apply to the slow smoking competition. With yellow and red card Judges get enough space for keeping control under competition and to be able to maintain fun and excitement.- Marija Marovic, Head Judge

And CSWC found it - a warning system that is almost the same as in football - yellow and red cards. Even though experience shows that judges will very rarely use them, it is necessary to have a system which will provide a way to protect the game and competitors in the spirit of fair play. At CSWC, unlike in football, the referee, if they are in a situation to issue some of these colored warnings, they will do that discretely and quietly. In normal situations judges will first issue verbal warning, then if the competitor repeats that forbidden actions, the judge will issue a yellow card, and if the competitor continues to do the same, the judge will give a red card and disqualify that competitor. Many times competitors are making mistakes because of misunderstandings or by unwanted mistakes, so most of these situations will be covered by verbal warnings, but if anyone  will be there who will try to find the illegal way to reach  better results, or to disrespect competition or judges warnings, judges will be able to stop that with this legal way. 

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