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CSWC Judge veterans

The ones who made foundations for CSWC Judge association


Jan Vistisen  on the Grand Finale 2016 - Croatia

Just a few people in the world were taking CSWC Judge responsibility in all these years next to Marko Bilic, Marija Marovic, Ivana Vrdoljak  and a dozen Croatian judges who mostly were having their judge duties on the grand finale. Internationally most of the judge responsibilities was on the shoulders of Marko Bilic founder of CSWC and few people who became trademarks of the Judge role

CSWC is fun, but also for me and responsibility. I was always there for Marko, and his great idea of Cigar Smoking World Championship, so i knew that he will need someone to support him, someone to make job well done, to keep CSWC game  as entertainment and fun, but also and as fair play game where rules need to be followed and there is no compromise with them - Jan Vistisen, International CSWC Judge

For sure, one of the most well known of them is Jan Vistisen from Denmark. He was a judge on dozens of international CSWC tournaments, from the USA to Russia. His reputation as a sharp but fair play judge makes them very desirable specially on the big international events, with big players, when more experience is needed.


Dmitry Drutza (on the left) and Marko Bilic in live judging action on CSWC Russia.

Next to Vistisen, two more cigar lovers took great part in international CSWC judge history -  very famous Russian cigar expert Dmitry Drutza , and John Paletta from the USA. Drutza,  as ambassador for Habanos, and as winner of Habanos sommelier contest in Russia is experienced on the stage and   in front of an audience which makes him a perfect judge. From Estonija, Romania, Russia and other countries, Drutza was a great ambassador of CSWC as a top international judge. John Paletta did a great job in the USA and Latin America countries, with his humor but also sharp eye he is a great international judge that CSWC is proud to rely on.

CSWC power lies down in such individuals as these ones, who for already many years provide support and energy to make CSWC shine in the best light, to be perfect balance between entertainment and serious challenge where are the rules to be followed.

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