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The CSWC Season 2022 has begun, and Augusto Cigars from Oslo has opened it with great success.


Norwegian CSWC competitors lighting up their cigars for slowest race on the planet

There is no better way to kick off the CSWC season than with long-time CSWC organizers Augusto Cigars from Oslo, Norway. They once again put together a great qualification round with a lot of excitement within the competition, and the results speak for themselves.The competition itself was more than interesting, with some of the finest slow smoking action's already well-known protagonists. The highest results in the tournament were so near to each other, proving that this qualification round was a nail-biter that always elicited strong emotions.

Norway is an important CSWC qualifier for us since the Norwegian competitors are incredibly competitive and excellent, and Augusto Cigar has become like family to us. They always perform at a high level of professionalism and task accomplishment. - Marija Marovic -  CSWC main judge


Choosing competition cigar as important moment


CSWC Judge Andre supervising competition 

This year's Norwegian champion was Rolf Borch, who finished second last year but represented Norway in the Grand Final since the previous year's Norwegian champion was unable to go. With his result of 1hour and 32 minutes he will again represent Norway on the grand final. After he was sure that he won, he didnt want to risk more and he report stop of the smoking at mentioned time. Second place took already well known Knut Are Hole, great slow smoker who missed winner title for just 4 minutes with result of 1h 27min and 50 sec. Really close to the Knut are was 3rd positioned Tormod Skaaraas with 1h 26min and 41 sec. 


CSWC competition cigars are getting better and better with each year


Judge in close and sharp inspection


Rolf Borch, in the final moments of his winning race

The rest of the competitors provided a lot of interesting facts during this competition - there were three competitors who earned each a three-minute ash penalty, but what was most interesting was that official judge Andre issued two yellow cards, which meant one red card and one competitor's disqualification from the race. Reason was blowing onto the cigar's foot. That was an extremely rare disqualification situation, and it kicked off the 2022 season. It is, of course, part of the competition, and we anticipate that such incidents in the heat and excitement of the slow smoking race  will occur again. 


The legend - Elena Tronina, winner of the Warsaw round and still actual Woman World Champion

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