North of Italy organized there prequalification round and marked first names in top 20


CSWC Judge Stjepan Markulin with the best ones of the first prequalification round

Italian slow smokers did they first official prequalification tournament in Milano, Italy in organization of CSWC Judge Stjepan Markulin and Cigar Club Ambrosio. On that way they keep the most active slow smoking schedule in this season 2022. They already did and one Time Chase event, which times we CSWC organization calculated in the TOP 20 list of the best smokers of the season 2022

We anticipate a fantastic CSWC season in Italy; they are active, motivated, and always competitive, as is typical of Italians in any sport and they are just warming up in the world of CSWC. Mark my words: in the future, they will provide some of the best slow smokers in the world.- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Everything ready for the first CSWC prequalifier in Italy


Mirco Montanaro, the winner

Ristorante Controvento hosted the first Italian prequalification tournament for the 2022 season. Eugenio Chiaravalloti took third place with a time of 58 minutes and 28 seconds. Franco Cipriani beat Eugenio for the entire 4 minutes, clocking in at 1 hour, 2 minutes, and 28 seconds. Mirco Montanaro won the first prequalification round in Italy with a time of 1 hour, 05 minutes, and 33 seconds, a difference of only 3 minutes from the second positioned Franco. No penalty minutes recorded. 


Competitors in slow smoking action


Stjepan Markulin, CSWC Judge in charge


Franco Cipriany was only 3 minutes from the winning time

Gino Rossano Iannillo, CSWC ambassador, along with judges Francesco Ventura, Aurelio Tufano, Stjepan Markulin, and Alberto Mancinelli, and with the help and organization of CCA, planned another fantastic season of the CSWC in Italy with four prequalification competitions. Sure, Italian slow smokers will compete in TIME CHASE EVENTS, as they have in the past already as the first ones who ever did it.


Italian slow smokers in slow smoking action