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Nata Sandler became the first official Champion of CSWC 
Azerbaijan, writing a new line in the history of cigar lovers in the country!


Nata Sadler, first official CSWC Champion of Azerbaijan, in full action during competition

 The meeting of Azerbaijani cigar lovers at the tournament was the first global event in the 
post-pandemic period, and the arrival of participants from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Estonia was a wonderful gift! As a result, 31 cigar athletes took part in this tournament.

I am now a tournament judge, but I have competitor in tournaments in Kyiv, Riga, and St. Petersburg. It's a great feeling to defeat the World Champions (which happened on one of the competitions)! As judge now, I can see Azerbaijani slow smokers as having the potential to became one of the best. Perhaps during the World  final in Split. Maybe not this year, but definitely in the future - Yevgeniy Zhidkov (international CSWC Judge)


Yevgeniy Zhidkov, official International Judge, organizer of CSWC Azerbaijan


Beautiful women competitors of CSWC Azerbaijan

The eyes of all participants and organizers of the tournament were focused to the member of the "Baku Cigar Club" Elnur Adilov, who consistently showed the result of 150-160 minutes over the past years, which was the best time among Azerbaijani cigar athletes. However, already at the 48th minute, Elnur's cigar went out and he was forced to leave the tournament. And after the clock ticked off 60 minutes, only eight participants continued to fight for the title of the winner of CSWC Azerbaijan. As a result, the best among the guests was the president of the Tallinn Cigar Club Tullio Lublik, who took fourth place with a score of 1:13:10. And the top three winners included three members of the “The Aficionados of Baku” Club: Samir Hajiyev with a score of 1:22:30, Azer Mirtagavi with a score of 1:24:17 and Nata Sandler, who smoked in splendid isolation for the last 30 minutes, showed the best time in Azerbaijan this year 1:55:52. Almost all participants of the event received gifts from official CSWC partners and local brands, and each of them promised to fight for the title again next season!


Tullio Liblik, CSWC organiser for Baltic as competitor in Azerbaijan


Nata Sadler - first champion of Azerbaijan


As always - great atmosphere on CSWC competition

I was both surprised and delighted to win! I was aware that I was surrounded by tournament participants who had far more experience than me, as this was only my second tournament. Despite the joy and celebration that surrounded me, I tried not to be distracted and to stay focus on the cigar. It's a shame there were no competitors left at the end; my concentration was slightly weakened as a result, and I dropped out. Although I could smoke for at least another 20 minutes. But this result is also fantastic for me because I became Azerbaijan's first Champion and entered the top 20 in the world, at least among women! -  Nata Sandler (Champion of Azerbaijan CSWC 2022)


Nada Sadler with judges and organizers.

 The tournament was held as part of the “Azerbaijan International Summer Cigar Festival 
2022”, so many participants of the tournament went after it to explore the most beautiful places in Azerbaijan. Lake Goygol and the mountain resort of Naftalan, where tastings of wines, cognacs and distillates took place with wonderful smoke of cigars. And all the conversations somehow came down to the tournament, its winner and the great mood that created CSWC in Azerbaijan.


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