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Greater impact of cigar ladies on the CSWC season 2022


Winner of the first and historical official CSWC tournament on Venezuelan soil - Magdelis Marcano

CSWC VENEZUELA - The first prequalification event was recently held under the guidance of German Nunez, Venezuela's official CSWC Judge. German is unquestionably one of the most active judges, having organized numerous warm-ups and CSWc educations and trainings. He has piqued the interest of the Venezuelan cigar community, and he has only recently joined CSWC world.

We are lucky to have people like German in our organization, who clearly understand the point of CSWC and who are great ambassadors of this concept. Even though I have never met him in person and we have only recently become connected, I have the impression that I have known him as a friend and CSWC organizer for many years. He is a great man all around.  - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Les Fines lames following CSWC all over the world


Winner Magdelis keeping full control under her cigar

The first prequalifier brought together Venezuelan slow smokers in the great atmosphere of a local club - bar. German and his judge assistant prepared everyone for Venezuela's first official slowest race. All participants in this historical moment were filled with enthusiasm and excitement. At the end, the Venezuelan slow smokers not only demonstrated great competition spirit, but also great skills - especially the ladies, one of whom took the prestigious title of the first official CSWC winner ever on Venezuelan soil. We congratulate her and all participants and look forward to more excitement from the Venezuelan cigar community.


German Nunez supervising competitors in full focus

Magdelis Marcano is the first ever winner of the CSWC competition in Venezuela. Not only did she win the competition, but she also accomplished something incredible: she placed herself and the Venezuelan flag in the top 20 best times of the season - WHAT A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT. She is now one of only four women in the TOP 20 list. We congratulate her and all participants and anticipate even more excitement from the Venezuelan cigar community.


German Nunez with participants

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