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For the 1st time ever, CSWC is setting foot in Belgium!


CSWC Belgium in the full slow smoking race mod

Newbie judge and organizer Dinny Vandamme took the initiative together with his wife Amelie Lozie (Shopowner & Habanos Specialist) to organize a diner and championship.  
It’s generally known that Belgium is one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to organizing events related to tobacco in general, so it was immediately clear that this won't be a walk in the park. Many hours were spent brainstorming about how to organize the event, find a suitable private location and a caterer who could provide us with tasty dishes on the bbq.


But finally…
Saturday, July 16th was the day... About 50 people signed up for the 'Smoking BBQ' and 25 of them competed for the title of 'National Champion of Belgium' and of course for the nice prizes and the ticket for the festival weekend in Split.


 On that day, we were happy to count on the support and years of experience of international judge Thomas Gonnissen, who made a 300-mile car trip to help this steer in the right direction.  So with the 3 of us,a beautiful event was organized… The circle was closed.
Dinny Vandamme, CSWC organizer 


Ticket for Grand Final and other amazing prizes for the Belgium Champion


Dinny Vandamme and Thomas Gonissen - CSWC judges

The 25 enthusiastic participants, including 2 woman, are all new to the CSWC event, record times were not expected but still everyone did their best and enjoyed the initiative.
With 17 participants over 40 minutes, 8 people over 1 hour and the top 2 over 1,5 hours, this was for everyone unexpected and a very successful first time. This event can only grow in the future. So, in this historical slow smoking race, 3rd position deserved Patrick Lozie with more than hour smoking. Great second place went into hands of Gilles Tanghe. The historical honor of the very first Belgium CSWC national champion deserved Anthony Baert. All results you can check by clicking on the link on the bottom of this article.

I am eternally grateful to Dinny Vandamme, his wife Amelie Lozie, and Thomas Gonnissen, the incredible trio who created this historically significant CSWC, for their unwavering support, dedication, and genuine friendship.-   Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder

1st place - Anthony p4.jpg

Anthony Baert (right) 1st Belgium Champion

3th place - Patrick p3.JPG

Patrick Lozie (right end) deserved 3rd place

2nd place - Gilles p3.jpg

Gilles Tanghe managed to be vice champion of the Belgium

 I would like to end with a big thank you to the main organization, Marko, Natasa, Marija and his team, for the opportunity given to us, the main sponsors of this event for the great prizes, our own sponsors who helped make this possible, Sir Chill Gin and Topwhisky and of course all participants with in particular the clubs 'Black Mountain Cigar & Spirit Society' and 'The Cigar House' with their founder and president Elewout Gelaude. Dinny Vandamme , CSWC organiser & judge

Make a note for next year... Saturday, July 8th, Belgium is coming back! Bigger, better & stronger!


The winning trio of the first ever CSWC qualifier for Belgium


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