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Aniello Buonincontro is CSWC  CHAMPION OF ITALY 2022


The best ones  of CSWC pre - qualifier in Santiago de los Caballeros getting prizes by Danays Leon, CSWC  organizer and head judge

Under the eyes of the judges Alberto Mancinelli and Francesco Ventura, and with the participation of the Italian ambassador Gino Rossano Iannillo, the Italian final CSWC 2022 took place in Pescara, qualifying for the Croatian Grand Final.
40 participants competed in the event.

We had been waiting for the day of the final for a long time, the participants were strongly interested in putting themselves to the test officially and discovering the generous prizes made available by the sponsors.- Alberto Mancinelli, CSWC Judge


Edward Tavarez is the first winner of the CSWC in DR


Yaskania Abud, first DR woman competing in the CSWC

We are happy to have been hosted on a Trabocco, in one of the most suggestive locations on the Adriatic coast.A stilt house on the sea created for fishermen as a fishing spot that can also be used in adverse conditions, now suggestive restaurants and half coveted by natives and tourists from all over the world.- Francesco Ventura, CSWC Judge


Great CSWC Judge and organizer -Danays Leon (right) and her judge assistant Ana Camila Besu


Judges in action  -watching and controlling the fire very close to the competition ring

The cigar club La Compagnia del Sigaro di Pescara, in business since 1999, was a loving host and ensured that everything went smoothly and was thrilling and surprising to everyone in attendance.

These are the times CSWC 2022 Italy
Aniello Buonincontro 1:42:02
Federico Serilli 1:23:27
Florindo Lauruello 1:20:31

Aniello with great concentration never took his eyes off his cigar, following Federico very attentive to any drafts he protected his cigar throughout the smoke, Florindo had a different approach more relaxed (apparently), almost to seem for him a serene daily smoke.

Congratulations to all participants, champions, and sponsors such as Sonia Campoli of Cuervo y Sobrinos, Sarah Giordano of S.T. Dupont, and then Les Fines Lames, Boveda, Cigar Journal, Ginarte, CaffèAtene and of course Rocky Patel.


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