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HULECOS is a Swiss high-tech company whose goal is to provide the best cigar smoking experience.


HULECOS is not only a useful high-tech device, but it is also an high - end, beautifully  designed product.

Split, Croatia and Neuchatel, Switzerland, August 13, 2022 - CSWC and HULECOS have announced a strategic partnership between the two companies to provide the finalist of the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) with an environment of excellence for this prestigious event. HULECOS becomes the Official and Exclusive Certifier of the Relative Humidity of each cigar used at the Grand Final of the CSWC, ensuring that all finalists have cigars of the same humidity. The smoking time of a cigar varies according to its own humidity. Guaranteeing individually the right relative humidity of each cigar gives the same chances as well as an optimal pleasure to all the finalists. This new certification by HULECOS is a world first and reflects the CSWC's quest for excellence and HULECOS’s mission to provide the perfect cigar smoking experience.

"this agreement with the CSWC is a fantastic opportunity to share with all cigar afficionados the latest technological advances to provide the best experience and the greatest pleasure to the afficionados! Working with CSWC President Marko Bilic, a true cigar enthusiast, is a great pleasure, as we share the same values and immediately understood what our device could bring to the excellence of the CSWC, as well as to the enrichment of the cigar smoker's experience”.- Gregory Dourde, Chairman of HULECOS, 





HULECOS is a Swiss high-tech company whose goal is to provide the best cigar smoking experience. Smoking a cigar at its optimal humidity (RH) is essential to enjoying the flavour, aromas and guarantee a uniform combustion. And yet, three in ten cigars disappoint because they are smoked at the wrong RH. Maximize your experience with your brand new HULECOS device.

This is fantastic news for CSWC and all CSWC slow smokers. With the help of Hulecos, we are taking CSWC to the next level, the true professional level. As with many other racing sports, such as F1 and WRC, the CSWC has taken another step forward in bringing technology to the CSWC and its competitors, which will reduce a significant amount of luck in the process of selecting the right cigar for the competition. With this step, we bring the competitors' slow smoking skills to the frontline, as the major impact on final result of their smoking time. This would never be possible withour Mirko Giotto from El Sueno Cigars, CSWC World Champion 2016 who made this connection and he saw this partnership as great opportunity - Marko Bilic, CSWC founder


Hulecos closed and in transportation mode


Hulecos opened ready for using


Hulecos in action of measuring of humidity

The indications given by the hygrometers correspond to the RH of your humidor and not to the RH of the cigars themselves, which can be very different. Imagine if you could measure the actual humidity of each of your precious cigars, just before smoking one. This would be a key step in ensuring the best possible enjoyment of each puro. This is the first mission of Hulecos.

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