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The CSWC Judge Association announced the international panel of judges for the grand finale.


Marija Marovic - CSWC Head Judge for more than decade - sharp and without mercy 

In 2021. Club Mareva has established the International Judges Association within the organization. Time was right to make that one big step in a serious direction, since the Cigar Smoking World Championship is no longer just fun and games. Now it`s more of a real sport.

CSWC Judge Association is unquestionably a significant step forward for CSWC, and one of the most significant in the organization's history. It was at this point that CSWC established itself as a serious global organization. The incredible individuals who  are members of  this organization are the power of CSWC - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Sarah Saunders with her well known sharp eye


Pierre Gustavsson one of the most focused judges

We have spent months educating candidates from all over the world to become CSWC judges and get their international licenses, under the strict eye of our head judge Marija Marović. On this day, our judges association counts 67 judges from different 48 countries worldwide.


Proud of the CSWC - Thomas Gonissen


The Legend - Petteri Patjas from Finland (left)


Lasse Ohman  judge from Estonia

At this year`s Grand Finale in Split our international judges will have the opportunity to judge together; some of them for the first time, some already veterans in the judging game. This year`s Grand Finale international judges will be: head judge Marija Marović, international judge Sarah Sounders from the UK, international Judge Jan Vistinsen from Denmark Petteri Patijas from Finland,  Thomas Gonissen from Belgium, Jan Vistinsen from Denmark, Lasse Ohman from Tallin, Philip Kugler from Germany and Branko Lazarevic and Josip Čulić from Croatia


The first international judge ever - the legend - Jan Vistinsen from Denmark. One of the toughest judges

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