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CSWC recognition for the best CSWC qualification of the year and the CSWC best ambassador

Photos by NB Studio / Nikola Brboleza


During CSWC Diamond Leaf  award ceremony on the Grand Final 2022

Without the support, friendship, and dedication of the wonderful friends and people from all over the world who understood the importance and worth of CSWC for the world's cigar community, CSWC would never have achieved this level of success. Because CSWC is a global organization focused on people, it aims to recognize those who deserve it most. CSWC Diamond Leaf Awards are exactly that - an expression of heartfelt gratitude for outstanding contributions and dedication made by special people to the CSWC concept.


Pierre Gustavsson  - winner of the Diamond Leaf for the best  ambassador of the CSWC 2022


Aniello Buonincontro, champion of Italy receiving Diamond Leaf Award in the name of  Italian CSWC organization team 

Every year, the CSWC organization team faces thrilled but also difficult decision moments during the selection of the Diamond Leaf award winners, because all CSWC friends and organisers, judges do an amazing job. However, as with any award process, the CSWC organization team must decide who will receive the Diamond Leaf awards.

This year, after bringing CSWC experience to a whole new level in their country in just two years, providing a great competition experience with an amazing national final, CSWC Team Italy deserved to win the award for the best qualifier of the season 2022. Gino, Francesco, Alberto, Stjepan, and Aurelio did an outstanding job, and the CSWC organization board is grateful for this outstanding efforts and results.


Pierre Gustavsson - one of the best CSWC judges 


Part of the CSWC organisation team Italy with winners of the CSWC Italy 2022

The Diamond Leaf award went to Pierre Gustavsson of Sweden for being the best CSWC ambassador in 2022. This incredible individual did so much to promote CSWC all over the world, and with his CSWC Judge and CSWC qualifier organiser roles for many years, he was a part of putting the CSWC fundation in place. His emotional speech at the CSWC Diamond Leaf awards moved the entire audience, who cheered and applauded loudly to confirm Gustavsson's well-deserved recognition.

Club Mareva member, Petteri Patjas, who always adds style, eloquence, and humor to celebration moments like this, presided over the CSWC Diamond Leaf awards ceremony.


Petteri Patjas, MC of the Diamond Leaf awards ceremony

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