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Igor Kovacic known as "Swedish Tiger" has held the CSWC World record for the past four years; will this change in  season 2023? 


Igor Kovacic - The Swedish Tiger -  in his"Tiger" mood just before Grand Final 2018

The possibility of breaking the record for slow smoking in season 2023 is very high. This is due to the fact that the current record holder, Igor Kovacic aka "Swedish Tiger", has been keeping the World Record from 2019 as the longest period of time ever, exactly for 4 years now.

The competition for slow smoking is growing each year, with more people taking part and pushing themselves to their limits. This means that there are more competitors who have the potential to break the record in 2023. Additionally, new techniques are being developed which could help competitors achieve even longer smoking times. All of this was proven and has been seen in season 2022 with new rising stars as Drew Emch USA champion and Borys Szodiak World Champion from Poland


Igor in the final battle with Alexander Shagai for World Champion Title 2017, when he came 2nd


Borys Szkodzik, actual World Champion is very motivated to take all titles as possible - and the World Record holder title

Of course, one of the most likely candidates for breaking the World Record is Hauke Walter "Ice Man" from Germany, a legend and one of the best slow smokers of all time. Any how in order to increase their chances of breaking the record in 2023, competitors should focus on improving their technique and developing new strategies for controlling their fire and maintaining concentration during long smoking sessions. They should also practice regularly and compete in as many competitions as possible in order to gain experience and possibility to reach that huge time of Igor Kovacic - 3 hours and 52 minutes


Hauke Walter former World Champion is one of the biggest candidates for new World Record


New rising star and huge surprise of the CSWC - Drew Emch from USA


Klaudia Ide - Woman World Champion is one of the candidates from Ladies division to reach World Record

Overall, the possibility of breaking the record for slow smoking in season 2023 is very high. With more competitors entering the sport each year and new techniques being developed (as for example new Borys technique of fast rotation of the competition cigar), it is likely that someone will be able to break Swedish Tiger current record by then.


Igor Kovacic "Swedish Tiger" fans ready to support Igor on Grand Final 2019 - Igor is just missing World Champion title. He almost won it Twice - 2015 and 2017, both times he finished as Vice Champion

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