Organised by one of the very first CSWC Judges and CSWC supporters - Jan Vistisen


Jan Vistisen receiving CSWC Diamond leaf award for the best ambassador 2014

Jan Vistisen is one of the foundation parts of the CSWC. He was the first to see CSWC as a tremendous platform for the worldwide cigar community, but more importantly, CSWC was a representation of his close friendship with CSWC founder- Marko Bilic, and his willingness and desire to support Marko's ideas and efforts. He became one of the CSWC's icons after co-organizing the first CSWC qualification tournament in 2012 with Tullio Liblik of Estonia. In the same year, he became the first international CSWC Judge. He devoted so much of his time and energy to the expansion of CSWC over a decade. He was awarded the Club Mareva diamond leaf award for the best CSWC ambassador in 2014.

He is one of the most devoted CSWC and Club Mareva friends. He has been providing such support to the CSWC for more than a decade that he is well deserving for some significant steps ahead for both the CSWC and Club Mareva. Bringing CSWC to Spain through the huge doors is his style; when he does something, he does it big time- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Ja is founder of very famous Royal Danish cigars


Itka Vistisen receiving award on the CSWC Estonia 2019

With such a history, it is no surprise that he is the one who, along with his wife Itka Vistisen, is bringing CSWC to Spain through the huge doors. Itka and Jan are a terrific cigar couple since Jan is recognized for producing the highly famous cigar brand Royal Danish cigars, which has now been called House de Nicaragua. Itka has a strong cigar history, having worked directly in the cigar making process in Latin America. His business adventures also led him to another field where he achieved success - spirits and premium drinks. With his revolutionary product Arruco (a blend of Armagnac and Rum) and Spanish whiskey, he is having a significant impact in that business.


Jan and Itka, great cigar couple and team


Arruco -game changer produced by Jan Vistisen


True friendship beetwenn Jan and Marko for more than decade

The 2022 Spanish CSWC qualification tournament will be held on Saturday June 4th in Puente Genil (halfway between Marbella and Madrid) at the private casino and business club "LICEO MERCANTIL" and bodega Delgados. 


Full day program with great prizes will be published in two weeks on CSWCNEWS.COM

As we said, the event in Spain is organized by Itka & Jan Vistisen with confirmation that  Marko Bilic will attend event together with well known guests from Scandinavia. There is a very special 4 day VIP wine tour after the competition to Sevilla, Jerez, Gibraltar and Marbella. Book the date now! Full program to be released in 2 weeks. As a teaser we can only say the lunch will be an amazing experience of different types of the best award winning 100% Iberico Pata Negras...

Besides the official sponsors handing out prizes the event is co-sponsored by Arruco, Spanish Whisky Club and House of Nicaragua among others. also well known Sonia Campoli from Cuervo y Sobrinos officiel CSWC timekeeper watches will attend event and will hand over some of the main prizes.


The private casino and business club "LICEO MERCANTIL" and bodega Delgados - exclusieve location of the CSWC Spain 2022