CSWC will be bringing a lot of surprises to the season 2022.

official poster1.jpg

Official poster of the CSWC season 2022. All information and details will be published soon

The year 2022 has arrived, and fans and contestants of the CSWC have many reasons to be excited about the next CSWC year. The CSWC's organization board has planned a number of novelties and surprises. In this post, we will only discuss what you can expect, and in subsequent articles, we will go through each of them in detail, with full explanations and information, as well as date announcements for some of them.

The CSWC season 2022 will deliver additional activities through new ideas and concepts, all with the goal of increasing excitement and entertainment for CSWC fans and participants. That is CSWC, a tool for experience and enjoyment, and we are constantly looking for new methods to provide it to the CSWC community.- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


First novelty will bring a lot of fun and entertaiment to the global CSWC community - CSWC Draft Night 2022 -live ZOOM event

The first of these new features will be ZOOM live CSWC DRAFT NIGHT - SEASON 2022. It will be an international ZOOM event that will bring together all worldwide CSWC qualification organisers, who will join the program live and announce the dates of qualification events in their respective countries in order to create the CSWC 2022 seazon calendar. Special visitors will include CSWC sponsors, famous competitors and judges, and cigar celebrities. The whole CSWC community will be invited to take part in this fantastic worldwide cigar on-line ZOOm event. Marko Bilic, the founder of CSWC, and Kolja Kukuk, the main partner representative, will host the CSWC Draft night from the CSWC studio/Club Mareva lounge Split. Every year, before to the upcoming season, a CSWC draft night will be held as yearly tradition

CSWC Judges association will recruit new judges and will bring new countries into the CSWC season 2022

The CSWC Judges Association will launch a judge recruiting session in February, during which new judges will attend training and seminars to become official CSWC judges. The CSWC season will be expanded to additional regions and nations in 2022. The CSWC Judge Association's leadership will recruit new judges and introduce additional nations into the CSWC global season. Application form for the candidates will be announced and active here on the CSWCNEWS.COM web portal.


CSWC TIME CHASE tournaments - new add and excitement into the qualification concept

The new additional competition events that will be part of the qualification season - CSWC TIME CHASE tournaments - are the significant innovation and add within the competition concept, or better to say in the qualification season. This idea will provide the TOP 20 list of the real qualification season increased importance and will open additional way to participation in the Grand final, with a chance to earn the World Champion title. The concept of CSWC TIME CHASE will be thoroughly discussed in one of the next articles on the CSWCNEWS.COM web, and it will be in effect beginning with the 2022 season.


The Cigar Club Mareva,  will debut a completely redesigned website which will bring new benefits and services to members and visitors

Last but not least, The Cigar Club Mareva, the CSWC's parent organization, will debut a completely redesigned website. The new website will link all Club Mareva lounges: Tallinn, Split, and Beirut, and will provide additional benefits, services and information to Club Mareva members and guests worldwide. It will be a live website and tool for the Club Mareva community to communicate between each other and with the cigar world, as well as a conduit for information and news and services to members and visitors.