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Azerbaijan has fierce competition, with cigars that were  unusually dry.

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CSWC Azerbaijan competitors in the slow smoking action

     The tournament was held in one of the best cigar places in the capital of Azerbaijan - the restaurant "Jakonda". Its classic interior and magnificent cuisine allowed the participants to prepare perfectly for the tournament. The guests clubs from abroad of the tournament were representatives of the Kazakhstan Cigar Club, the Cigar Club "Astana" and the Cigar Club "Moscow Aficionados". 

Due to logistical issues with delivery, the competition cigars for the Azerbaijan stage were dryer than usual, resulting in shorter finish times. Even in this situation, Azerbaijan CSWC participants performed admirably and set great times, which, in the end, are not accurate projections of the outcomes that Azerbaijan CSWC competitors could achieve. We will work hard to ensure that circumstances like these never occur again. - Marija Marovic, CSWC Head Judge

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Choosing competition cigar as important part of the CSWC slow smoking race

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CSWC Azerbaijan Champion 2023 with CSWC judge Yevgeniy Zhidkov

And the partner of the tournament was one of the best wineries of the country "Savalan", which presented "Victory Wine" both for tasting at the Tournament and as one of the prizes to the winners.  Another surprise for the participants and the winner was a Limited Edition of the first rice arag in Azerbaijan, ordered and branded specifically for the Azerbaijan stage of CSWC.

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CSWC competition as challenge and fun

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Savalan wines, official partners of CSWC Azerbaijan

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Ladies in Azerbaijan and region are active members of cigar community 

 Twelve participants of the tournament managed to "step over" the result in one hour of smoking this year. And the main fight unfolded for the second place between Yevgeny Zhuravlev (Moscow Aficionados) and Azer Mirtagavi (Aficionados of Baku). As a result, Yevgeny won this fight with a result of 1:19:28, and Azer, who took second place last year, became the bronze medalist of the tournament with a result of 1:18:34. The winner of the tournament was Elnur Adilov with a score of 1:42:29. 
The champion of Kazakhstan 2023, the representative of the "Moscow Aficionados" Anastasia Arsenova fought out of competition as guest smoker and again she  showed amazing result with dry cigars -  result of 2:16:56. We definitely see Anastasia as one of the favorites for CSWC World Champion title 2023

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Some of the participants of the great CSWC Azerbaijan 2023


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