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Perez Diaz's victory over previous year's Dominican champion Rafael Solano added another woman to the TOP 20 LIST.


Freilyn Pérez Díaz demonstrated amazing skills and tactics and she won over last year champion Solano

Last Friday, June 30th, the House Blend Cigar Lounge and Bar in Santiago de los Caballeros held the CSWC 2023 qualifying event - and what an event it was! It was organized by Sperlinga Tasting Tours & Events with national sponsors Casa Oliver Rums, Tabacalera Cuevas y Hermanos and the Industrial Park Pisano, and the collaborators Kora Café, Blue Blanc Marketing & Advertising, Hotels and Restaurants Association of Puerto Plata, The Ocean Club Costa Norte Hotel, Villamil Cigar Box Factory and Carlos Veras Ashtrays. The judges were Danays Leon Sanchez and Ana Camila Besu Leon.

No words for Danayas and Ana Camila - what amazing job they are doing every CSWC season, and specially I am amazed with Freilyn Pérez Díaz which now even more gain to the power of woman in the CSWC community. Faboulous victory  - Marija Marovic, CSWC Head Judge


Freilyn Pérez Díaz receiving main  prize gifted by official CSWC partner Rocky Patel


Rafael Solano, Dominican Champion 2022 had great start, but this time Perez Diaz was beter

The competition was fierce, and the spirit was high. Competitors from the Dominican Republic and even Miami, Leticia León, were ready to prove their skill and determination. Freilyn Perez Diaz, who had competed last year along with her husband and Dominican Republic 2022 Champion, Rafael Solano Portorreal, was determined to take the top spot this year - and she did! With an impressive 2 : 27 : 06 : 03, Freilyn set a new national time record for the Championship and won the competition. Rafael Solano Portorreal held the second place, and Amed Alfredo Chaer Pena the third.


Woman dominated in the CSWC Dominican R. with great results and perfomance


Now alraedy experienced competitors from Dominican R. are getting more and more experienced


Great focus and dedication is something that woman competitors are doing so well

The event was a great success, showcasing the best of Dominican Republic cigar smoking and the increasing popularity and interest in the Championship on this side of the globe. Competitors are determined to make a place among the best times in the world - and this event was the perfect start with Perez Diaz making spot to her name and Dominican Republic at the moment among TOP 10 best smokers in the world for the season 2023


CSWC stars of Dominican Republic - Danays Leon Sanchez and Ana Camila Besu Leon CSWC Judges and organizers with great cigar producer Mr Dorin Potolinca, president and founder of amazing  Sperlinga cigars


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