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Ali Enes Tasbent Celebrates Historic Win Following Hard-Fought Matches

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The best ones from UJ - from left , UK Champion Ali Enes, Sarah Saunders CSWC judge, Julius Honsch 2nd place and Philip Rud, 3rd place

CSWC UK FINAL 2023 - Nail biting competition and fun in a traditional LONDON PUB !
The CSWC UK FINAL was held this year at Rudd's Bar, a traditional pub setting in the heart of the City of London. Everyone were most kindly invited by Philip Rudd, served the happiest hospitality by Richard, with stalwart support from Emma.
Marko was hosted on Philip's boat in St. Katherine's dock, a stone's throw from the Tower of London. CSWC organisation is truly grateful  Philip for his  immense support for the CSWC family ! Sarah ran EIGHT pre- qualifier events up and down the country this year !
The winners of each of those qualifier events are eligible to compete in the UK FINAL, with the addition of a wild card " Honourable competitor".

Our thanks for hosting, support and sponsorship go to:  the team at Havana House in Hove and Windsor, CGars at Turmeaus and the Puffin Rooms in Liverpool, Rosalie and James at Barber's of Harrogate, all at Havana Exchange No.1 St.James's, James Robinson - I stayed in his Air BnB 17thC Coach House in Brasted, Westerham ...simply STUNNING !!, and Rollerbus - the UK's Double Decker cigar lounge (hosted a CSWC showcase event at the AITS conference). 
Thanks also to Cuervo y Sobrenos, S.T Dupont UK, Santiago de Cuba Rum (Diageo), Les Fines Lames, and Brightleaf Ltd. - Sarah Saunders, CSWC honorable Deputy Head Judge

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Etan Patel UK Record Holder started amazingly

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-13 at 15.19_edite

CSWC UK Champion receiving main prize from Cuervo y Sobrinos

This year's CSWC UK Final was an exciting event, full of enthusiasm and new faces. We were so grateful to have Marko Bilic come to oversee the competition and his presence was certainly felt. Despite the unfortunate circumstances that prevented some regional finalists from attending, all the participants who made it to Rudd's were welcomed warmly.

To add to the excitement, this year we decided to host an Open competition alongside the UK Final. This was a great way to give more of our regular competitors and supporters the opportunity to compete for prizes. Our new UK judge, Iain Robinson, was on hand to help set up and enjoyed his first official judging.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-13 at 15.19.3444.jpg

Full focus of UK finalist


Competitors from Italy, USA was also there 

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-13 at 15.25.241.jpg

World Record holder hands in control of competition cigar

The competition was fierce, but at the end of the day, Ali Enes Tasbent emerged as the UK Final winner. After years of competing, Ali finally achieved his goal and will be representing himself and the UK at the World Finals in Split in September. Julius Honsch finished in second place, with Philip Rudd coming in third. Etan Patel, the 2022 UK Champion, was unfortunately out after 58 minutes and 02 seconds. The Open competition was just as exciting, with newcomers Richard McNutt, Antonio Gusmano, and Oliver Sanna taking the top three spots. Erin Sanna was awarded a special prize for smoking her first ever cigar in 1 hour 21 minutes 15 seconds, although she had three penalty points for dropping the ash.

All in all, the CSWC UK Final and Open was an incredible event. Congratulations to all the winners, and we look forward to seeing who will take the top spots next year!

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Cigars up, holding the ashes to avoid penalty minutes and focus on fire


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