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Cigar Smoking World Championship Final of Italy: An Unforgettable Event Hosted by Fabio Ventura and Supported by CCA"


The best ones of Italy 2023

The Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) Final of Italy was held in the picturesque Lazio Countryside and hosted by Fabio Ventura, President of Bacco n Tabacco cigar club of Civita Castellana. This event was supported by the CCA (Club of Italian Cigar Aficionados) and honored by the presence of its President, Fabrizio Borgioli and Vice President, Silvia Zanovello, the editors of the  popular Italian cigar magazine Sigari. Marko Bilic, the CSWC's founder, was also present as a special guest during the CSWC Italy final, which was used to discuss future possibilities for stronger collaboration between Club Mareva, CSWC, and CCA.


Gino Ianillo returning Champion of Italy


Full competition arena in Italy with cigar aficionados from all over the Italy

The event was also backed by esteemed sponsors, such as Sonia Campolli from Cuervo y Sobrinos and Sarah Giordano from ST Dupont Italia, who added to the prestige of the event. The competition was a close one, with the members of the CCA clubs vying for the top spot. The most important duo of this CSWC Italy Final were the judges Aurelio Tufano and Alberto Mancinelli, who performed an outstanding job.

The race was close between CSWC Ambassador and former Italian Champion (2019) Gino Iannillo, Vincenzo Esposito,  and the former Italian Champion Frederico Serilli (2021). In the end, Gino won, breaking his personal record with 1 hour and 49 minutes. Vincenzo took second place with 1 hour 33 minutes and 3rd place deserved Frederico with 1 hour and 32 minutes. Even though one of the favorites Marian Nedelea lost his cigar due to construction problems, he still managed to keep the record for Italy.


One of the main judges of Italy Final - legendary Aurelio Tufano


Amazing Gala dinner in Olive tree garden, sponsored by Oliva cigars


Marko Bilic recieving official flag of the CCA association from president Fabrizio Borgioli

The gala dinner was a true gastronomical and wine experience, with local chocolate producer serving hanmade cigar for pairing with  Oliva cigars which was special sponsor of the Gala dinner. Ambassador Tiziana Loriga of Oliva presented the cigar of the evening, the Oliva V serie double toro. All in all, the CSWC Italy Final was an unforgettable event that left great memories for all the participants, and next year Italy plans to have five to ten pre-qualifiers, with the final race taking place in Firenze in June.


From the left - Alberto Mancinelli and Aurelio Tufano (CSWC Judges), Fabrizio Borgioli (president CCA), Marko Bilic (founder CSWC)

Gino Ianillo (CSWC ambassador and Italian Champion 2019, 2023) and Fabio Ventura, President of Bacco n Tabacco cigar club of Civita Castellana and CSWC Italy Final organiser 2023


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