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Rasputina Makes History at CSWC Georgia, she claims first national Championship Title 

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Davidoff of Geneva cigar lounge hosted first and historical CSWCof Georgia

For the first time in history, Georgia held the World Championship for long-term cigar smoking. One of the “places of attraction” for cigar lovers in Tbilisi, “Davidoff of Geneva” Cigar Lounge, became the first “House of CSWC” in Georgia. And this is no coincidence, because this particular lounge is the exclusive distributor of Rocky Patel cigars in Georgia. Alcoholic accompaniment was presented by the oldest brandy factory in Georgia “Sarajishhvili”, which has been delighting us with its products since 1887.

This is the third country in which I judge tournaments and help organize them. In Georgia, I saw the passion and deep understanding of cigars in many people, and this made me happy. It also captivated my wife, and for the first time she asked to take part in the Championship. Not really expecting the result, since it was her first cigar in her life, I agreed, and was surprised when she smoked a cigar for more than one hour. Probably confirming the idea already voiced more than once in the cigar community that this is the year of women in CSWC. The winner of the tournament could continue to participate for at least another 25-30 minutes, but the lack of experience affected her, and she went out with another 3 centimeters of a cigar in reserve. In general, a great start has been made, and the participants of the tournament asked about the possibility of not only the next official championship, but also holding training sessions and mini-tournaments throughout the year – CSWC International Judge Yevgeniy Zhidkov.

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Irina Rasputina, first Champion of Georgia

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Sergi Kadgaja, 2nd place of CSWC Georgia

 Since this was the first exposure to the CSWC tournament in the country, all the talk during the Championship was centered around the rules, history and interesting moments in the Tournament's long history.
An interesting struggle unfolded for the third place in the tournament between Sergo Grigoryan and Samir Hajiyev. Despite the fact that this was the first tournament for Sergo, he was able to hold out 1 minute longer than Samir and enter the TOP-3 of the first Georgian tournament with a score of 1:11:07.

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Great performance of cigar ladies in Georgia

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DBS Rocky Patel were enjoyed afterwards

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Sergo Grigoryan, 3rd place CSWC Georgia

Zakarija Zalikashvili and Irina Rasputina were able to “understand the cigar” in their first tournament, because in the first 20 minutes the length of the ash of their cigars was about 1/3, and then the burning practically “stopped”. As a result, Irina showed the best result of the tournament 1:26:57, becoming the first Champion of Georgia. Second place went to Sergi Kodgaja with a time of 1:19:45.

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First experience of CSWC for Georgian Cigar aficionados

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