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Adam Charchut with his first title Shocks the Polish CSWC Scene: A Triumph of the Unexpected in Poland's CSWC Qualifier


CSWC Judges Marcin and Filip with one of the main prizes - full trip and participation on the Grand Finale

Seventh Polish Eliminations for the World Championship in Free Cigar Smoking - M&P Nadwiślańska 108 For the second year in a row, M&P Pavlina received the privilege of organizing a unique event in the cigar world - the Polish Championships in Free
Cigar Smoking. CSWC qualifier Poland  was a sensational Garden Party, where not only the Participants but also a whole lot of Guests had the opportunity to spend almost 10 hours in the beautiful area of M&P Nadwiślańska 108 located on the shores of Lake Łacha. 
The day was started by Chef Miguel with a "live cooking" show, who prepared two "variations" of Spanish paella in front of the guests' eyes. At the same time, tastings of the best liquors from the exclusive import of M&P Pavlina were launched: Wines, Prosecco, Porto, Whiskey, Rums, and the unique Limited Edition of Pawlin Tennessee Whiskey. At the stands specially prepared for this occasion, you could buy unique editions of cigars from Rocky Patel (which is the manufacturer of the competition cigar).


Adam Charchut is the new Polish Champion


World Record Holder - Klaudia Ide choosing carefully  competition cigar

The next point of the program is the traditional cigar competition, the so-called "ash stand" i.e. burning the cigar in such a way as to obtain the longest ash (the result had to be measured before the ash fell from the cigar). Twenty Participants, including, of course, women, competed and it was not known until the last person who would win. Finally, with an advantage of only 1 millimeter (!) With a result of 8 centimeters, 1-millimeter wins, as always, impeccably dressed Jakub Wojciechowski. 
The next hours were spent enjoying the sunny weather that day, tasting drinks, and smoking cigars until the most important moment came: inviting the Participants of the Polish Final to take their seats in a room specially prepared for this occasion so that the competition could begin. It started with the mandatory point, i.e. the rules of the competition, which were presented by the Official CSWC Judges, Filip Rudziński and Marcin Lewandowski. Some Participants knew its content by heart, but there were also a large number of completely new Participants, for whom the rules were a complete novelty. 
The next point is the selection of the cigar, cutting the cigar (all Participants received identical cutters), starting the competition clock, lighting the cigar for 60 seconds, and already 26 Competitors started the fight for the title of Polish Champion. 


Marcin Sakowski is back with great 2nd position


Elena Tronina also is back on the track with 3rd place


Actual World Champion Borys was not able to perform well on Polish qualifier - 18th place 

And there was someone to compete with because at the competition tables among many distinguished Cigar Aficionados sat: last year's Polish Champion Elena Tronina, last year's World Champion Borys Szkodziak, current World Record Holder Klaudia Ide. As the minutes passed, the tension among the Participants was growing and the result was Boris's departure before 50 minutes, and Klaudia's departure after 1 hour and 20 minutes. Seven remain on the battlefield, and the next minutes mean that there are only the best four in the competition hall, which exceeded 2 hours of smoking (cigars in the Corona format, which burn on average 40 minutes :)) 

Grzegorz Palonka is the first to go out with a time of 2 hours 1 second - the first time he started in the competition (the rumor has it that it was only his 16th cigar in his life) 
3rd place with the result of 02h13m50s was taken by last year's Polish Champion Elena Tronina and it is already known that the Polish Champion will be someone who has never won the national Eliminations so far 
2nd place and Vice-Championship of Poland with the score 02h19m40s was won by Marcin Sakowski (whose best result achieved a few years ago places him 12th on the TOP 20 list of all time) 
1st place and the Polish Championship with the result of 02h20m32s was won by Adam Charchut, who from the very beginning of the Eliminations organized in Poland took an active part and proved with his perseverance that it was WORTH!


Winner is ready to defend Polish flag colors on the Grand Final in Split in September

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