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Latvian Sensation: Dmitry Smirnov Triumphs at Baltic CSWC Qualifier

Fine Spirits Cigar Weekend 2023 074.jpg

Full CSWC competition hall for CSWC Baltic

In a remarkable display of dedication and skill, Dmitry Smirnov from Latvia has emerged as the victorious contender at the Baltiq CSWC Cigar Smoking World Championship qualifier which took place in Tallinn - Estonia. The event, masterfully organized by Tullio Liblik and Tallin Cigar Club, witnessed 50 competitors gather in a beautiful restaurant, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Fine Spirits Cigar Weekend 2023 051.jpg

Dimitry Smirnov in winning mood

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Some well known competitors provided great fight

Judged by the discerning eye of Lasse Ohman, this qualifier showcased the essence of slow smoking camaraderie. Dmitry Smirnov's resounding success was marked by his astonishing time of 1 hour and 51 minutes, a testament to his unwavering focus and mastery. Notably, this victory also solidified his title as the Baltic CSWC Champion, highlighting his prowess in the region. Ladies performed also great - Women's series 1st Lorenza Brusato 1:09, 2nd Virpi Kehiakehi 1:01:10, 3rd Tea Karin 28:19

Fine Spirits Cigar Weekend 2023 017.jpg

Famous Chinese spirit as one of the main sponso

Fine Spirits Cigar Weekend 2023 042.jpg

Historical capturing of the moments of CSWC through art

Fine Spirits Cigar Weekend 2023 057.jpg

Massimo Rossi with organizer Jana Moraru

The event was graced by the presence of Massimo Rossi, the CEO of CSWC Official Timekeeper Cuervo y Sobrinos, who added an extra touch of prestige to the proceedings. As the smoke settled and cheers resounded, it was evident that Dmitry Smirnov is more than prepared for the upcoming Grand Final. With his title defended and his skills honed to perfection, all eyes are now on the horizon as he readies himself for the ultimate slow smoking showdown.

Fine Spirits Cigar Weekend 2023 110.jpg

Tullio Liblik(far left) CSWC Baltic organiser,  with guests just before gala dinner afterwards CSWC qualifier

CSWC qualifier BALTIC

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