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Italy has it's CSWC CHAMPION FOR 2021

After 4 prequalification events, Federico Serilli from final host club took the title of Italian Champion


CSWC Champion of Italy gets awards from organisers

The Italian final of the Cigar Smoking World Championship was held in Rieti on last Saturday August 7th thank you to the hospitality of the local cigar club : Umbilicus Italiae.
The event saw the collaboration of the Italian Ambassador of CSWC, Cigars & Tobacco the importers of Rocky Patel products in Italy and the CCA that has the patronage of the event. The jury made up for the final was: Aurelio Tufano (Main Judge) and Stjepan Markulin.

On perfect time, at 6 pm, the final started. The tension dominated among the participants and the high expectations were placed on the competitors. Among them, in fact, there was Florindo Lauriello, current holder of the Italian record with his almost 2 hours of smoking achieved in the qualification competition in Pompeii.


Aurelio and Stjepan, judges of Italian finale

Baladin Beer from Italy, one of the Italian sponsors

But, as we know, a final is very difficult because of the nervousness and tense, so our aim to get to the two hours was clear from the beginning that could not be reached. - Gino Rossano Iannillo, CSWC ambassador

As mentioned, however, the tension plays hard tricks. All the participants smoked with great seriousness and concentration but from the very first minutes the exclusions were seen. Raffaele Focaroli was the first to leave the competitors' table. This allowed him to enjoy the competition as a spectator and the excellent flavors and aromas of the CSWC mareva made by Rocky Patel.

The female presence among all was high and fierce. Patrizia Traversi, who had already achieved an excellent time in the qualification in Pescara, was very concentrated, Rossella Cipollone was no exception and represented the local Cigar Club Umbilicus Italiae. When the first participants were eliminated, we found ourselves with 12 competitors: 6 women and 6 men. At that moment the battle was tightened with the concentration to the maximum. 


Cigar Ladies in competition action


Perfect ash and perfect burning line on the RP CSWC cigar

The time achieved by the winner Federico Serilli was 1 hour, 16 minutes and 26 seconds has been one of the lowest so far in Italy, but a final is a final! The Cigar Club of Rieti, Umbilicus Italia celebrated his member, the winner, who will now have to represent Italy in Split for the world final in September.

Special thanks go to the international sponsors of the Cuervo y Sobrinos event, Les Fines llames, Boveda and the main sponsor Rocky Patel . Special thanks also to Baladin Beer from Italy. and the Italian sponsor that helped out to have a wonderful evening: Automotive, Mediadux,  Tobacconist  Francia and Musto wine shop.


Spectator observes trough glass window slow smoking race

while Francesco Minneti smoking for his 4th position


Gentle puff for maintaining fire

The event was an exceptional opportunity to bring together the many identities present in Italy: CCA and non-CCA clubs, Kentucky smokers, Cuban cigars, Nicaragua Cigars, Santo Domingo Cigars, Honduras Cigars,  and all the others( so called )  "new world/caribbean" cigars. A perfect example to explain how the passion can put together all slow smoking lovers who pursue the same goal that overrides their tastes: the passion for pleasure, fun and friendship. Here are the names of the top 5 :
1) Federico Serilli
2) Florindo Lauriello
3) Rossella Cipolloni
4) Francesco Minetti
5) Yualmy Gual Pena


Frederico Serilli (left) Italian Champion 2021 with Vincenzo Cardellini, president of Cigar

Club Umbilicus Italiae


Florindo Lauriello, 2nd place -Italian CSWC Record Holder


Rossella Cipolloni, 3rd place

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