CSWC ambassador and founder of WICC, famous Sarah Sunders are bringing CSWC to UK on 6 locations.


Sarah Sunders making ceremonial cut for opening of CSWC Italy- Amicigar 2019

There aren't many people like Sarah Sunders in the world. Her distinct personality, along with extensive experience in food, hospitality, and the cigar industry, makes her the most sought-after ambassador. So CSWC is fortunate to have her in that role - CSWC ambassador for the United Kingdom. 

Sarah has permanent imprints on the CSWC community: she is the finest friend, advocate, and supporter, always eager to give and help more than we ask. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have her as a closest friend, CSWC organizer, and spokesman.She is an important member of the CSWC family.  -Marko Bilic, CSWC founder


Sarah during Grand Final competition moments


Sarah and Marko cherish beautiful friendship for many years

CSWC and Sarah's bond began many years ago and is stronger than ever. Sarah noticed the positive impact of the CSWC on the cigar community from the outset and became a devoted member of the CSWC. In her CSWC slow smoking career, she earned remarkable success, culminating in the title of best female smoker at CSWC Italy 2019.
She became a CSWC organiser at the time, and she has been organizing CSWC qualification events in the UK for almost 5 years. She was able to bring CSWC to well-known UK cigar establishments like as J. James Fox in London.