Moscow hosted the first CSWC training for season 2022 with participation of the former World Champion



CSWC Moscow training participants 

Season 2021 appears to have only warmed up Russian smokers and reawakened their enthusiasm for the next CSWC season 2022. The Russian results in 2021 were good, but not great enough to make the 2021 CSWC season the year of the ultimate Russian win. Due to flu, Former World Champion (2015, 2019) Oleg Pedan was unable to compete in the national qualification, and he had not yet arrived in "slow Oleg" mode with the new CSWC Rocky Patel cigar.Season 2021 was not a success for Alexander Shagai, the former World Champion (2013, 2017), as he completed his cigar after 1 hour and 3o minutes on the national qualification for Russia. Anastasia Arsenova was the most successful, keeping Russia alive in season 2021 with outstanding results: she smashed her personal official record and placed Russia second among the top 20 best timings of the season 2020. She didn't give her finest performance in the Grand Final, finishing sixth, just one position behind the USA smoker, after a little more than two hours of smoking.

The training in Moscow, Oleg Pedan's re-engagement, Andrey Leontiev's fantastic result, and third-placed Andrey Dikarev's performance are all signs that the Russians are willing to make a strong comeback in season 2022.- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Oleg Pedan, former World Champion in action


Andrey Leontiev in full focus

As a result, Moscow Cigar Club jumped right into action when the official season 2021 ended, and without wasting any time, they set out on a goal to make 2022 the best year yet for the Russian slow smoking community. The CSWC training competition was conducted at the Tiflis Dvorik Cigar Lounge, the official meeting venue of the Moscow Cigar Club, on Thursday, October 14. The tournament's information partner was the online magazine, which is now an official CSWC partner for informing Russian smokers about CSWC activities. The training was judged by Konstantin Beylin, an official judge candidate who applied to be a CSWC Judge. He was accepted and will be added to the Judge Association's Global Judge list starting in season 2022.


Konstantin Beylin official judge candidate.


Lighting of the CSWC competition cigar


Some technical issues during training in Moscow

The training was very interesting based on the participants and the results - There were Oleg Pedan, the legend and former world Champion from St. Petersburg, as well as Andrey Leontiev from Moscow, one of the best slow smokers of the CSWC Zoom season "Stay Strong." Both are "heavy" category smokers with impressive times, particularly Oleg Pedan, who has TOP scores from his CSWC records and experience. As a result, there was some interesting dueling, but there were also some pleasant surprises delivered by Andrey Dikarev.


Andrey Leontiev winner of the official training in Moscow

As a result, the first official training began. Andrey and Oleg got off to a strong start. Andrey began to gain an advantage over Pedan. Because he doesn't have much experience with her, it's clear that Oleg is still testing the cswc competition cigar. Andrey took advantage of this, and he finished with the best time of the 164 minutes and 30 seconds. The biggest surprise was Andrey Dikarev, who was expected to take second place over Oleg Pedan, but he burned the ring and with 15 penalty minutes, he went from 151 minutes and 30 seconds to 136 minutes and 30 seconds, which was not enough for second place, which went to Pedan with a smoking time of 139 minutes 15 seconds.


Event was supported and sponsored by PROPERTY IN ALANYA ,  brand "Russians in Fashion" and designer Nina Ruchkina,  Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Kremlin Museums, large corporations and banks, stars of politics and show business.Rum Ron Burla Negra was presented from Altair Group. The winners of the second and third places were presented with sweet prizes from PROPERTY IN ALANYA (PIA).