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The CSWC Trophy has become one of the most difficult things to reach in the world of cigars.


CSWC World Champion Trophy  - with golden flame design in back of its body

The CSWC Trophy is a trophy that represents almost decade and half of human desire to reach new heights, cross new boundaries, and achieve the unthinkable in the world of cigars. It represents the pinnacle of willpower, commitment, sacrifice, focus, patience, skill, and competitive spirit, but with a huge amount of fun and competition thrill thrown in for good measure. 

The CSWC Trophy is the mountain's peak, the slow smoker's flag stubbed on the highest point of mountain land after the thrill and difficulty of climbing to the last puff of the slowest smoke. This trophy is a symbol of our admiration for the amazing people whose names are engraved on it and who are accomplishing the impossible.
 - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Engraved names on the Trophy of the all World Champions staying forever as an indelible mark in Cigar and CSWC history 


Actual World Champion with CSWC Trophy 

Since the first CSWC Grand Final in 2010, the CSWC organization has provided trophies for the World Champions, but it was a smaller trophy made from a famous stone from the Croatian island of Brac, and it was given for the first three places each year. Since 2017, the CSWC organization has made the decision to create a single large trophy solely for the honor of the world champion - the CSWC Trophy!! It is the only one that is given to the World Champion each year, but it is kept in the CSWC headquarters with each World Champion's name engraved for the CSWC's history and to honor the World Champions forever


Some of the World Champions during CSWC Trophy award giving ceremony. 

The CSWC Trophy has a frontal size with an engraved CSWC logo and the title "World Champion" to honor the best of the best slow smokers on the planet. Beck gold metal part is shaped like a flame, which represents the longest-lasting cigar - the World Champion cigar. The lower level has a stand with a gold plate with the names of all World Champions engraved on it. Every year, a new name is added after the grand final. The CSWC organization is considering developing a special traveling bag for the trophy so that the World Champion can bring it home to his or her fellow smokers to celebrate The Grand Victory.


Object of the desire of the many slow smokers, and sign of the winning spirit, training, focus, dedication and ultimate excitement

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