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CSWC  on the NBC news

As has been stated previously, the CSWC attracts attention from the civil media because it is a true sport and challenge that connects the cigar community on a global scale.

CSWC qualification experience  - Beirut

The CSWC is a one-of-a-kind experience, as evidenced by this short video from the CSWC qualifier in Beirut, Lebanon.

CSWC Qualification round in Thailand

Great atmosphere on the Cigar Smoking World Championship at Bangkok, Thailand


Even during Covid pandenic's restricted times, the CSWC team organized a spectacular Grand Finale weekend. It took place on a cruise ship and was an excellent way to adjust to the strict restrictions.

Dominicar Republic CSWC finale

Spectacular finish of the CSWC season in Dominican Republic

CSWC Santo Domingo 

Great pre-qualification event took place in Santo Domingo for the Dominican Republic Finale

CSWC Covered by Boveda Box Press podcast

"Box Press" Cigar Podcast deemed CSWC to be a wonderful concept that should be presented to every cigar community. Great coverage by Boveda's Rob Gagner, famous cigar personality.

Gran Finale Vol 5

Video shows some of the moments from CSWC Grand Final festival. It is excitement, it is friendship, it is style...and it is fun...

CSWC World Final Trophy

Short CSWC Trophy teaser - it presents history of the more then decade of the CSWC. Names of the World Champions are engraved on it for the cigar history...

Warm up CSWC teaser

Teaser for warming up for Grand Final 2019. Fast and dynamic, stylish and unique, it sends inviting vibes...

CSWC Grand Final weekend teaser

  CSWC Grand Final Weekend provides diversity of entertainment and joy, through rich and little bit "crazy "program  

Marko Bilic -Founder CSWC 

Marko Bilic -founder of CSWC speaking about CSWC, it global impact, idea behind it, vision and passion

Qualification event

Qualification rounds are always a super interesting way of warming up for the grand final. Some of them are really organized on the top level, but with a truly relaxed atmosphere..

CSWC France  on CIGARE.TV was covering French CSWC qualification round. Organised by famous Guillame Tesson, event was great fun and something to remember

CSWC Thailand

CSWC In Asia -Thailand, Bangkok. Asia is a special place for the CSWC where competitions are a great combination of challenge and fun, with exciting finishes. 

Big Alpine smoke - CSWC Swiss

Text and ifo coming soon, all will be added and edited soon, very soon. All text and video info will be added soon, very soon, sooner that you think will be , be sure in that.

Darren & Igor -Duel

Two of the most famous CSWC slow smokers are fighting for the World Record. It was an epic drama when Darren and Igor were taking world records from each other for 4 times in two weeks. 

Marko Bilic & Boveda

Covid times conversation with Benjamin Patock from Boveda. Great show in which Boveda hosted many of the famous names from the cigar world, very much needed in those hard pandemic - lockdown times.

CSWC in Chicago

Cigar Smoking World Championship went to beautiful Chicago city.


CSWC draws attention wherever it appears. FOX News thought it was so interesting that they ran a story about the CSWC arriving in Nashvilee, USA.

CSWC    Grand Final 2016

Some of the moments from the Grand Final week 2016

CSWC on the National TV - 2016

CSWC on National TV - interviews, emotions and much more

CSWC Grand Final 2015 on the National TV

Some of the emotions, impressions and interviews of the CSWC Grand Finale 2015 on National TV 2015

Interview with Ryan Janus on the Boveda podcast

Some of the impressions of the US Champion after winning USA national CSWC final championship

CSWC in Macedonia  - Balkan Championship

Moments and memories from CSWC Balkan region edition

Boveda and CSWC

Great review on the CSWC experience by Boveda podcast

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