The first Zagreb Cigar Night, organized by Club Mareva and Legenda Promet, was hosted in Croatia's capital, Zagreb in the famous restaurant Johann Franck


Founder of the Club Mareva, Marko Bilic was the welcoming all guests on the first Zagreb Cigar Night

Even as the Corona situation in Europe worsened, Club Mareva, in collaboration with Croatian cigar importer Legenda Promet, took the initiative and created the historic "Zagreb Cigar Night" evening, which was entirely compliant with pandemic regulations. That was also an occasion to introduce new cigar brands that are or will be available in the Croatian market through the Croatian importer Legenda Promet. Some of them are quite significant for the Croatian market since they are inextricably linked to the country of Croatia.

The Croatian market is growing more serious in its selection of cigar brands, and we at Club Mareva are pleased to witness fresh passion in Croatian importer Legenda Promet, which is bringing top professionalism and a new level to the Croatian cigar business.We are pleased that Mareva can assist this importer via the club's major activities, which include events and the promotion of cigar culture, as it was the first Zagreb cigar night - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 as welcome cigar


Amar Foco GM of the Johann Franck welcoming guests

Zagreb Cigar Night was hosted in Johann Franck, one of Zagreb's most renowned restaurant-bars and greeted by it's GM Amar Foco, also Club Mareva member. With its location in the center of the city - Zagreb's main plaza - it was the ideal setting for this exclusive cigar event, which was undoubtedly one of the city's most historic cigar events.Throughout the evening's red carpet glamorous atmosphere, all guests were guided by Marko Bilic, from the welcome Champagne moments, trough four course dinner paired with top Croatian wines from Boskinac, to the final moments on the mezzanine where guests were treated to a special desert combined with Chivas whiskey tasting. The event was topped off with video greetings from Rocky Patel, Jeremy Casdagly of Casdagly cigars, and Agustin Misson of Condega Cigars to all guests of the evening.


Petar Zovko director of the Legenda Promet greets all partners and guests.


Chivas as Club Mareva partner supported the evening with their superb products


Ladies became important part of cigar community

Dinner was provided with each meal accompanied by a different cigar, but among the Condega and Perdomo cigars served that evening, the most intriguing were two unique cigars directly related to Croatia -  Cigar Smoking World Championship cigars and Club mareva cigars. First one was Rocky Patel CSWC line of cigars - Mareva size - the competition cigar exclusively produced for the CSWC worldwide events. The second surprise was a Cadagli Club Mareva Zagreb - Jure cigar - the new Club Mareva line of cigar which will be on Croatian market from December. This cigar was specially designed by Marko Bilic, the founder of Club Mareva. Casdagli Club Mareva cigars are only cigars which blends are fully chosen and created by Croatian citizen (Marko Bilic), and they sell globally as the finest Croatia ambassador in the cigar community. Legenda promet is exclusive importer of the all above mentioned cigar brands with the new ones on horizon.  For sure Zagreb Cigar Dinner will be remembered as one of the Zagreb finest and for sure Club Mareva and Legenda promet also with Johann Franck will bring new surprises. Stay tuned.


Davor Zovko (second from the right), founder and owner of the Legenda Promet for 30 years, with guests and friends