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Grand Final marks the end of the CSWC competition season and CSWC organization are using that opportunity to give recognition and to show huge respect to the people who supported CSWC trough the year.


In 2018 CSWC Austria won the Diamond leaf for best Qualification event.

There are people who can feel, recognize, support, and help others from the beauty of their hearts. Their hearts are pure, uninterested, and exist to provide wind in the sails of the boat, which direction is the dreams and passion.. These people recognized CSWC as an idea born of pure passion in the heart of its founder, Marko Bilic. They gave all of their time and support to the CSWC idea without hesitation or interest - They gave pure friendship.

Dreams you can reach only, and only by the good people who will stop next to you, which will take that ladder strongly in the hands and keep them stadely until you make safe steps and climb to reach and take stars from the sky of your dreams and make them reality. Without that people, dreams staying just as unreachable stars of our dreams and imagination. This is the reason why I will never be able to express my gratitude to the people who was keeping my ladder tightly, to make my climb to the dreams safe and possible- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Mark Renard from STG was CSWC Ambassador for 2019


Ivan Mazuranic with Maria Luisa - Diamond Leaf winner

The CSWC's board of directors decided on a stunning diamond-like tick glass trophy in the shape of a tobacco leaf. That represents two things: the people who are valuable to the CSWS as diamonds, and tobacco, which is a shared love that brings us all together. Partners Cuervo y Sobrinos and Les Fines Lames consistently deliver one-of-a-kind gifts that serve as a lasting memory and symbol of tgratitude and friendship towards this special people.


Woody and Najat, founder of Club Mareva Beirut won the Diamond leaf award for the best qualifications of the 2019

This award is given by CSWC in two categories: best CSWC friend (ambassador) and best qualification event of the season. Both categories honor those who devote a significant amount of time and effort to promoting and supporting the CSWC concept, as well as those who organize a unique CSWC competition experience through the organization of the CSWC qualification program.Our Honorable Vice President, Mr. Ivan Mazuranic, is in charge of handling the award ceremony and presenting the awards to the winners each year.
This is the CSWC's 11th year, and we can't wait to present the CSWC Diamond Leaf Awards to the extraordinary individuals who have given so much to the CSWC. 

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