"Box Press" Cigar Podcast deemed CSWC to be a wonderful concept that should be presented to every cigar community.


Rob Gagner from Boveda Box Press podcast during interviewing US finalist before US final

 Anyone who smokes cigars or works in the cigar industry knows about Boveda and how important Boveda is to the cigar world. Yes, it is a famous brand in the cigar market, and they found the Cigar Smoking World Championship so valuable and important on the Global level that they have become an official global partner of the CSWC for now alredy 4 years. They even went a step further, thanks to the initiative of Rob Gagner, who recognized CSWC and thought it so interesting that he began to cover the story of the CSWC in the internationally acclaimed Box Pressed cigar podcast.

What a great honor is to  get support from such amazing guy as Rob Gagner in his Boveda Box Press cigar podcast. His efforts and time that he gave by traveling and covering US semi-finals and US finals are the biggest recognition to us at CSWC . We are truly grateful to him- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Box Press, famous podcast from Rob Gagner


Rob capturing first impressions from Rayan Janus- US Champion after he won US finals

Who is this Rob guy - Just like a box-pressed cigar, Box Press the podcast is flavorful from its first puff to its last. This is a steady smolder of serious cigar talk from a guy who really knows his sticks. Rob punctuated the Box Press premiere podcast with a C.L.E. EIROA The First 20. Rob was drawn to cigars by their craftsmanship, their ceremony and their care. Professionally, Rob started at Tobacco Grove, the premium tobacconist and maker of Crux Cigars. (Crux brought you Skeeterz, Ninfamaniac, Bull & Bear and more.) Now Rob manages Boveda’s relationships with a fistful of other top cigar brands, including Asylum Cigars, Dapper Cigars and Altadis U.S.A.


Boveda Box Press cameraman Matt Adams in moments of capturing the slow smoking race moments

As we previously stated, Rob was enthralled by CSWC. He recognized the significance of the CSWC as a concept and the power it possesses in uniting cigar smokers and the cigar community on a global scale. Following a chat with Marko Bilic, the CSWC's founder, who provided him with a deeper understanding of the CSWC's concept and mission, Rob and Boveda cameraman Matt Adams attended the US semifinals and finals in Pittsburg to witness the CSWC in person for the first time. His discovery is captured in the video below, and another from the US finals will be released next week. After his CSWC adventure, he called Marko and told him that he can't wait for next season and much more of the CSWC experience. That was the best emotion and impression Rob could give the CSWC team.