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Hauke Walter is the leader on the TOP 20 list, and Shagai is about to compete on Russian Qualifications


This gusys are big guys. Top smokers. Slow smoking monsters. And they faced each other already ones on the CSWC Grand Final 2018. They faced each other for the first time, and the first time was already a big battle!! They stayed last in the game, in the duel, almost with the same distance to the ring. Every puff was counting, tensions was on the top level, you can feel it fully in the big competition hall of the radisson hotel. Spectators was on the edge, excitement and adrenalin was all around.  Who will have last puff? - Hauke did it. He took the victory and title of the best of the best, title of the World Champion with just a seconds difference from the Shagai. Shagai was started to look at Hauke in last moments and that took focus and it fully deconcentrated him. Yes, Grand Final is mental fight, Is the fight of the fights where every detail, every decision, every puff, even the smallest one is counting in the run for victory.

These guys are incredible. Even just watching them is like witnessing a miracle. I'm always wondering, "How can they do that?" and "Where is the limit?" What's crazy is that there are new names and new competitors who are motivated by these big guys and their skills, and they are reaching their levels and they are creating opportunities to challenge them. Oh, I am so looking forward to the CSWC's future moments; there will be so much excitement there - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Hauke in the moment of winning Grand Finale


Shagai in the moments of CSWC Trophy giving ceremony

So, what makes this Sunday so special for the 2021 season? We have practically breaking news: this Sunday is the long-awaited qualification event in Russia, where some of the world's best slow smokers will compete for the title of Russian Champion. But, at the same time, we have breaking news: Oleg Pedan, two-time World Champion, has flu and will be unable to compete, so his main opponent, two-time World Champion Alexander Shagai, is the pre-qualifier favorite. Considering that there will be and Anastasia Arsenova, one of the best smokers, we believe that anything is possible. In any case, the outcome on Sunday will be very interesting, and we are bringing you this chart that shows statistics of Shagai and Hauke's power and how it could be interesting if these two competitors face each other again in the grand finale. For the time being, Hauke leads the season's TOP 20 list, but we'll have to wait and see if that holds true after this Sunday.


The most slowest puffs of the Grand Finale 2018- from left -Shagai, Walter and World Record Holder Igor Kovacic

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