Official partner of CSWC Les Fines Lames providing unique CUTTER for World Champion

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THE World Champion 2021 cigar knife

This year marks the 5th anniversary of the partnership between CSWC and Les Fines Lames.They are offering fantastic prizes to the CSWC national champions as well as the World Champion.The Franch company, which has its headquarters in Marseje, has become one of the most well-known names in the world of cigars, and they are unquestionably leaders in the cigar accessories segment. 

Les Fines Lames embodies everything that a top company should stand for, from professionalism, innovation, setting trends, and pushing boundaries to the personality of the owners - founder Pierre Jourdan and his partner Pablo Rodet, who are among all of this quality and amazing people. Les Fines Lames is one of the best things that has happened to CSWC in all of these years. - Marko Bilic, Founder CSWC


LE PETIT Initiale cigar cutters are composed of a gold handle and a Damasteel blade


Incredible details on Le Petit.

Born in 2015 after a successful crowdfunding campaign, LES FINES LAMES proposes a unique range of exceptional cigar accessories, made in France, and sold all over the world: more than 90% of its turnover is made abroad. With a strong presence on social networks, LES FINES LAMES built in less than 6 years a loyal 53K followers community, met during international cigar events, and developed numerous collaborations with leading and prestigious brands.


CSWC Le Petit for global qualifications


Pierre Jourdan and world Champion Oleg Pedan

Pablo with only cigar cuter bein in space.

So Pierre and Marko met on CSWC in France and became true friends as well as great partners. CSWC and Les Fines Lames had a perfect marriage, which resulted in the annual release of THE CHAMPION LES FINES LAMES CIGAR KNIFE. They've planned something special for Grand Finale 2021.The main prize is the first ever LE PETIT cigar cutter produced in the Initiale product range, a range that will be made available to the public during the last months of 2021.These LE PETIT Initiale cigar cutters are composed of a gold handle and a Damasteel blade. Every cigar cutter made in this series will be engraved with its owner’s initials, starting with the champion to be crowned in the CSWC 2021 Finals, hence the name LE PETIT Initiale.


The duo who are creating new levels and trends in the world of cigar accesories.