Women's dominance in the CSWC continues to come from Poland.


CSWC competitor lighting up his cigar in the first minute of the competition

The CSWC season is coming to a conclusion, and one of the most intriguing qualification rounds, without a doubt, was Poland. Poland has some of the greatest slow smokers in the world. They have a long and illustrious history in the world of CSWC. They made CSWC history by becoming the first to cross the 3-hour smoking limit and also providing the title of Woman World Champion..

The powerful Woman slow smoking scene in Poland makes me happy. Polish slow smoking ladies are unquestionably leaders in the world of the CSWC, and they are not slowing down; on the contrary, they are introducing new ladies who are breaking down barriers.- Natasa Kresevic, Deputy Head Judge


Lighting up is very important moment for competition


Judge and Woman World Champion

So it was expected that there would be plenty of excitement among one of the best slow smoking scenes. The slowest race began after the cigars were lit. Adam Charcut, a well-known slow smoker, finished third in 1 hour and 34 minutes which was surprisingly short time for Adam who can do much more (the new competition cigar looks like truly challanging). But the real excitement came from the race for first place.


Moments of reading of the official rules


CSWC Judge Filip in close action

Elena Tronina, actual Woman World Champion was taking the lead. Strong and focused,  and with one great result behind her from Warsaw which placed her on second position of top 20 of the season, she was confident but excited because she is already very experienced and she knows that many things in slow smoking can go "wrong". That is exactly what happened that evening. Elena was defeated by her "student" Klaudia Ide, a young cigar smoker whom Elena had trained for a slow race. It was a razor-thin victory. They lost in the same penalty period as the ash, and they gained three penalty minutes for it. Elena's three-minute penalty proved crucial in the end. Elena, on the other hand, displayed incredible sportsmanship and joy at the fact that Poland had once again provided a Woman Champion.