CSWC recognition for the best CSWC qualification of the year and the CSWC best ambassador.

Photos by NB Studio / Nikola Brboleza


Gino with the Diamond Leaf award for the best CSWC ambassador with his special Les Fines Lames Cigar Knife

From many perspectives, the CSWC season 2021 was extremely demanding. Covid had a huge impact on the modern way of life, particularly on live events, which pushed the CSWC organization team to find a way forward. The answer was the Judge Association, and the CSWCNEWS portal was a huge step forward.

However, the Judge Association and the NEWS portal were not enough . The involvement of those who are a part of the CSWC was critical. And so many people give their time, energy, and efforts to CSWC all over the world. That was the fuel for the engine for CSWC, and without them, not even one meter of progress would be possible.


Ivana Vrdoljak presenting award to Qatar representative


Qatar won best qualification award for the season 2021

Every year, the CSWC organization team faces thrilled but also difficult decision moments during the selection of the Diamond Leaf award winners, because all CSWC friends and organisers, judges do an amazing job. However, as with any award process, the CSWC organization team must decide who will receive the Diamond Leaf awards.


Diamond Leaf award


Winner speach during award ceremony

Great atmosphere on the CSWC round in Warsaw

The Diamond Leaf for the best qualification event for the CSWC season 2021 went to Qatar, in the hands of Felipe Rojas Bruna. He did an incredible job introducing CSWC to that region, in one of the most famous hotels - Hotel Kempinski - and he did it for the first time with Swiss Watch perfection and perfect transmission of the cSWC experience. Gino Rossano Iannillo of Italy received the Diamond Leaf Award for the best CSWC ambassador. He did an outstanding job in bringing and coordinating the CSWC to the highest level in Italy. He devoted all of his time and energy throughout the year to create the first serious CSWC season in Italy and to see it through to the Grand Finale. This group of people has won the Diamond Leaf Awards for 2021, and they more than deserve it.

Our Partners Les Fines Lames and Cuervo y Sobrino supported this awards with special gifts for the winners.

Felipe and Gino - What a blessing it is to have such people as friends and supporters in my life. The efforts, thrust, and support that they provide simply to support and make the CSWC idea possible, particularly in these difficult times, are immeasurable. We owe them forever, both me and the entire CSWC organization. - Marko Bilic, Founder of the CSWC


Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder presents the ambassador les Fines lames