With tremendous victory of Kristensson, Sweden became new slow smoking superpower

Photos by NB Studio / Nikola Brboleza


HENRIK KRISTENSSON, the new World Champion  during CSWC Trophy ceremony moments

We are so proud to say another great weekend is behind us! Weekend full of joy, great food, wine and spirits, cigars and, most of all, great friendships! The Grand Final of 11th Cigar Smoking World Championship took place in Split, Croatia on the weekend of 17th - 19th September and it was more than we could ever have hoped for! Due to the COVID situation this year was very challenging for us, but with the help of our partners and support of our friends from all over the world, we pulled it through and it felt like in good all days.

It was unforgettable, it was emotional, it was so excited it was CSWC experience. We proved we can do it in the hardest times, and that we can bring emotions to the people in this challenging times. Their happiness and smiles was our biggest award, and Grand Final challenge itself  was like movie scenario -Marko Bilic CSWC Founder


World Champion in action

Second place for Polish smoker

This year’s event was very different from our previous events, because in 2021. only national champions could compete, together with smokers from the top 20 list. 16 national champions from 13 countries were fighting hard for prestigious prizes from our sponsors: Cuervo y Sobrinos, Les Fines Lames, Boveda, St. Dupont, Rocky Patel, Pernod Ricard and Croatia Revealed, but more than that they were fighting for the prestigious title of the World Champion, so their name could be engraved on CSWC Trophy. Together with other prizes, the winner also got a unique ashtray from Wossio, our new sponsor. Woosio Deep Sea ashtray is entirely handmade of olive roots from Croatian soil affected by the fires in 2017. and blue and turquoise shades of the beautiful Adriatic sea. It is the best representation of our beautiful country and it’s natural beauties. It was made for this year`s champion especially and there is no other one like it in the world! 


Rayan Janus provided amazing smoking race


Etan from UK improved his smoking time dramatically in the right moment


Felix Matei  full focus and amazing performance

The winner of this year’s Cigar Smoking World Championship and new champion of the world is Henrik Kristensson from Sweden with the time of 2:42:07. Second runner up, with only 17 seconds behind, was Borys Sykadyiak from Poland with a time of 2:41:50. Third place and also the best positioned woman in the championship was Claudia Ide, also from Poland, with a time of 2:22:55.  Amazing smoking performance provided US Champion Rayan Janus, who was biggest surprise with Romanian Champion Felix Matei and UK representative Etan Patel in this final. All of them manage to do two things: Rayan manage with 2hours and 3 minutes to beat US season 2021 record and to place US flag and his name highly on the 5th place the best in the World on this grand final. Special success going to Felix - also with 2h 12min he post new Romanian record and he was on the 4th place on this Grand Final. Etan manage the same with amazing increase of his smoking time to the 1h and 47 minutes what place him on the 8th place on this grand final. What amazing smokers!!!With In the next few days and weeks, we will inform you about the details of the 11th Cigar Smoking World Championship weekend held in Split on the beautiful wooden yacht Lupus Mare. Also in next few days final TOP 20 list of the CSWC season 2021 will be published. Stay tuned…